The Big Brother Most Valuable Player (MVP) was one of the twists of Big Brother 15. The MVP is an individual, voted on by viewers, who is playing the best game each week. Before the season premiere, viewers voted for the first week's MVP based on preseason interviews to determine who wins the very first MVP of the season before the first episode. 


In season 15, three HouseGuests will be nominated for eviction each week. The HOH will still be responsible for two of the nominations, and the MVP will make the third nomination. The House Guest chosen to be MVP will be informed of his or her status in the Diary Room before the POV competition and will make his or her nomination in the Diary Room. The MVP can choose whether or not to share his or her special status with the other HouseGuests.

MVP History

Week/MVP MVP Nomination Nominee Evicted?
Week 1 Elissa David Yes
Week 2 Elissa Jeremy
Week 3 Elissa Spencer No
Week 4 America Elissa
Week 5 America Amanda No
Week 6 America Amanda No

During a Double Eviction episode, and after three weeks of America being the MVP, Julie announced that the twist would be reset and there would only be two nominees, both chosen by the HOH, for the remainder of the season.


  • Elissa was the only houseguest to ever receive the MVP award.
  • Amanda Zuckerman is the only houseguest to ever be nominated more than once by the MVP nomination.
  • In Week 4, America was granted the MVP power and got to nominate one houseguest. Aaryn Gries was selected by America, however, was not nominated because of the fact that she was already nominated that week by the Head of HouseholdJudd Daugherty. Then, the next highest vote-getter, Elissa, was nominated in her place. Elissa then went on to win the Power of Veto and removed herself from the block, as America's third highest vote-getter, GinaMarie Zimmerman, was nominated in Elissa's place.
  • None of America's nominations were evicted the week they were nominated.
  • It was announced in Week 5, if Amanda was taken off of the block, GinaMarie would have taken her place.
  • It was announced in Week 6, if Amanda was taken off of the block, Aaryn would have taken her place.
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