Morph 'O' Matic (sometimes known as Two Faced, Blast Off, It's Alive, and BB Freakshow) is a recurring Power of Veto and Head of Household competition.


Houseguests must look at a picture displayed on a screen. They must decide what faces are morphed into the picture and go to a board and indicate that in some way. Then, they hit a button. If they are right, a new picture appears. If they are wrong, they must continue until they get it right. This continues until you manage to get through all of the pictures.

The houseguest who gets through the pictures in the quickest amount of time wins the PoV.


The competition first appeared on Big Brother 5, during Week 7. Adria Klein won the competition, winning her second Power of Veto of the summer.

The competition reappeared the following season on Big Brother 6, during Week 9. Janelle Pierzina won the competition, winning her second PoV of the season.

The following season, Big Brother All-Stars, the competition appeared during Week 8. Janelle Pierzina once again won the competition, winning her fourth PoV of the season.

The competition reappeared on Big Brother 11, during Week 8. Michele Noonan won, scoring her third PoV of the summer.

Appearing once again on Big Brother 12 as an HoH competition, Lane Elenburg and Enzo Palumbo competed to see who would be competing in the final part. Lane won, getting a chance to be the final HoH.

It appeared again on Big Brother 16 as a PoV competition once again, where it appeared during Weeks 11 and 12. Frankie Grande won during Week 11, securing his third PoV win. However, when the Rewind twist occurred, the houseguests played the PoV again and Cody Calafiore won, securing his second PoV win.

It appeared once again on Big Brother 17, it appeared during Week 10. Vanessa Rousso won, gaining her second PoV win. This competition coincided with the Zingbot Competition.

It appeared next on Big Brother: Over The Top, it appeared during Week 6 as an HoH Competition. Shelby Stockton won, gaining her her first HoH win.

It appeared most recently on Celebrity Big Brother 1 (US), during the 5th Eviction Cycle. Ariadna Gutierrez won it as her first PoV of the season.

List of Morph 'O' Matic Competitions


Season Week Name Variant Winner
5 7 "Morph 'O' Matic"
Adria Klein
6 9
Janelle Pierzina
7 8 "Two Faced"
Janelle Pierzina
11 8 "Blast Off"
Michele Noonan
12 Final HoH
Part 2
"It's Alive"
Lane Elenburg
16 11 "BB Freakshow"
Frankie Grande
12 "BB Freakshow: Rewind"
Cody Calafiore
17 9 "Newly Zingle"
Vanessa Rousso
OTT 6 "Big Brother Over the
Top Freshman Class"
Shelby Stockton


Season Day Name Variant Winner
1 22 "BB Action Figures"
Ariadna Gutierrez



Big Brother 16 Morphs

Big Brother: Over The Top Morphs


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