Miriam Martínez is a contestant in Gran Hermano 18 (Spain).


Name: Miriam Martínez
Age: 31 years
Origin (locality and province): Santa Cruz de Tenerife. He resides in Madrid
Occupation: Professional Makeup Artist

It is defined as a cheerful, positive and energetic person. Among its shortcomings he highlighted his nervousness, his distracted character and let things rather than speak them or fix them on time. One of his biggest hobbies is makeup (he likes everything that is related to his professional activity). We also love to make the most of their free time watching series payment platforms relaxed on his couch. It comes to Big Brother Revolution because he wants to know itself and see how far it can go. Miriam needs to know if he can put up with people who do not know their foibles and virtues. [1]

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