Mila Suarez was a housemate on Grande Fratello 16.

Highly disliked by the other houseguests, Suarez received 23 votes, the most for any houseguest during the season, in just 36 days. The other contestants considered Mila to be very over-the-top and criticized her unhealthy obsession towards her ex-boyfriend.

Over the course of the show, Suarez developed an enormous rivalry with Francesca De Andrè, both because of De Andrè's showmance with Gennaro Lillio, who Suarez had expressed interest in, and because of Mila's behavior towards her ex, which De Andrè found ridiculous, calling Mila a 'monkey' for clinging to men like a monkey clings to a tree. Mila misunderstood the remark, thinking it was a racist comment related to her Moroccan origin, and broke into a huge fight with Francesca, threatening to take legal actions.

Due to the high level of drama she brought in the House and for the sake of good reality TV, the public initially saved Mila in the first two weekly votes she faced. On her third time, however, Suarez was nominated along with two big fan-favorites (eventual winner Martina Nasoni and Erica Piamonte) and she was evicted on Day 36, getting the least amount of positive votes by the public among the three women.


Retrieved and Translated from Mediaset
Date of birth: 1 November 1987
City: Casablanca (Morocco)
Born in Morocco, she spent her childhood and adolescence between her home country, Italy and Spain.
At 18 he goes to live in Parma and begins a career as a model and showgirl.
Because of her famous and turbulent loves, she was often at the center of gossip : the last story, with Alex Belli, after the break became even a media case.
A fan of the mountains and of diving, he devotes a lot of time to physical fitness.[1]

Player's History - Grande Fratello VIP 3

Nominations History

Week Position Voted For With Majority?
1 Ineligible
Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 No Nominations
2 Serena Rutelli Jessica Mazzoli
3 Ivana Icardi Erica Piamonte
Francesca De Andrè
Ivana Icardi
Martina Nasoni
Valentina Vignali
4 Kikò Nalli Erica Piamonte
Francesca De Andrè
Gaetano Arena
Kikò Nalli
Martina Nasoni
Michael Terlizzi
Valentina Vignali
5 Enrico Contarin
Gaetano Arena
Daniele Dal Moro
Enrico Contarin
Erica Piamonte
Francesca De Andrè
Gaetano Arena
Gennaro Lillio
Gianmarco Onestini
Martina Nasoni
Michael Terlizzi
Valentina Vignali

Post Big Brother



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