Mikee Trixia Agustin was a housemate in the Civilian Edition of Pinoy Big Brother: 737.


Mikee Agustin Biography

Origin: Bulacan

Age: 26


Hobbies: Singing, Dancing and Modeling

Mikee is second to the youngest among eight siblings. She had her first heartbreak at a young age – when their father left their family for another woman. After Mikee’s father left, her older siblings had to make sacrifices just to be able to finish school and be able to help their mother with their daily expenses. 

Despite the hardships that Mikee’s family went through, Mikee grew up with a perky personality, which is evident in the videos that she and her boyfriend would upload on the internet. In fact, Mikee’s videos have already gone viral, making her a familiar face on the internet. 

She is a certified online sensation with short films reaching 6 million total views. And yes, you may have seen her in some of Jamich’s videos because her boyfriend, Yexel, is Jam’s brother! Mikee currently earns a living through her online business and modeling.

Player's History - Pinoy Big Brother: 737

Adult History

Task History

Week 8 Weekly Task Win
Week 9 Weekly Task Win
Week 10 Weekly Task Loss
Week 11 Weekly Task Win
Week 12 Weekly Task Win
Week 13 Weekly Task Win
Week 14 Weekly Task Win
Week 15 Weekly Task Win

Competition History

Week 9 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 10 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 11 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 12 Big Yanig Challenge Loss
Ligtask Loss
Week 14 Dance 'Til You Drop Win
Week 15 Ligtask Ineligible

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
8 Philip Lampart Philip Lampart
9 2-Krizia Lusuegro
1-Jessica Marasigan
1-Charlhone Petro
10 2-Krizia Lusuegro
1-James Linao
11 2-Philip Lampart
1-Charlhone Petro
12 No Nominations
Big Yanig Twist
Miho Nishida Nominated
13 No Nominations
Yanig Challenger Twist
14 Dawn Chang Safe
Dance 'Til You Drop
15 2-Dawn Chang
1-Jameson Blake
2-Dawn Chang
1-Zeus Collins
1-Tommy Esguerra


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