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  • Hey Kirkburn! Will it be okay if I change the Tamara page to "Tamara (BBUK15 Housemate)" instead of just Tamara. Tamara is too generic.


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  • Hey there. I've noticed that recently a privacy request was completed for a houseguest who previously appeared on season 11 of the British version of Big Brother. However, my head admin, along with all other admins on the wiki, were under the impression that there was supposed to be a notification as to the privacy request, to ensure that we can work with Fandom to take all necessary actions. 

    Thank you

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  • Who is Anon, and what happened to the Bea Hamill page?

    Also, the Sophie Reade page doesn't have the same format as the normal pages. So I suggest you look at the other pages.

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    • Alright, thank you!

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    • One more tweak today - just removing a photo, after a privacy request.

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    • A FANDOM user
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