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Merlin Luck was a housemate on Big Brother Australia 4.

In Big Brother Australia 4, Merlin was best remembered for his silent protest at his eviction, where he covered his mouth with black tape and held up a sign reading 'Free Th[e] Refugees' in protest of the Australian Government's policy of mandatory detention for asylum seekers. After repeated attempts by host Gretel Killeen to get Merlin to speak failed, he was promptly whisked away by security.


Merlin Luck Biography

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age: 24

state: NSW

Star sign: Aries

Myself in three words: Fun, Focused, Free (well not so free now, but figuratively speaking).

Personal motto: Only experience is knowledge - everything else is information.

Player History - Big Brother Australia 4[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 2-Igor Vurmeski
1-Terri Mann
- -
3 2-Igor Vurmeski
1-Terri Mann
1-Ashalea McWalters
1-Paul Dyer
4 2-Paul Dyer
1-Terri Mann
1-Krystal Ince
2-Paul Dyer
2-Terri Mann
5 2-Paul Dyer
1-Terri Mann
- -
6 2-Paul Dyer
1-Terri Mann
2-Ashalea McWalters
2-Catherine Tremolada
2-Paul Dyer
2-Trevor Butler

Post Big Brother[]

  • Since appearing on Big Brother Australia 4, Merlin has gotten married and has two children.[1]


  • Merlin smuggled tape and his 'Free The Refugees' sign into the Big Brother Australia 4 house by sewing them into the shirt he wore into the house.[2]


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