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Matthew "Matt" McDonald was a houseguest on Big Brother 9 (US).

His soulmate in the game was Natalie Cunial. In Week 5, James Zinkand cast the tie-breaker vote to evict Matt. He came in 9th place and as the first member of the jury.


Matthew "Matt" McDonald
Roofing Foreman
Charleston, MA

Matt is an only child who is extremely close with his mom. His dad died when he was only 9 years old.

Matt is the ultimate competitor and feels he has something to prove since he lost on Couples' "Fear Factor" three years ago. He keeps most of his exes around for "booty calls," except his most recent ex who hooks up or flirts with guys to get him angry. Matt claims he will be successful on BIG BROTHER because he is the "biggest liar/sweet talker you will ever meet. America will love me." He has a true Boston accent and a ripped body, and he makes sure everyone can see it 365 days a year. Matt describes himself as handsome, spontaneous and charming. He has three tattoos on his arm, back and belly, including his initials across his abs. Matt also has a pet turtle named Poppy.

A huge sports fan, his favorite teams are the Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots. He enjoys playing basketball and hockey.

Matt's favorite television show is "Entourage" and favorite movies include "Blow," "Casino" and "Jerry Maguire." Magazines that he reads include Maxim, Forbes and US Weekly and his favorite music is Jay-Z (hip hop), rock, house and R&B--any music that has soul.

His birth date is April 7, 1984.[1]

Player History - Big Brother 9 (US)[]

Competition History[]

Week 1 Power Couple Loss
Co-HOH Loss
Co-POV Win
Week 2 Co-HOH Loss
Food Win
Co-POV Loss
Week 3 Co-HOH Loss
Food Win
Co-POV Win
Week 4 HOH Loss
Food Win
POV Not Picked
Week 5 HOH Loss
POV Loss

Voting History[]

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Ineligible
Co-POV Holder Allison Nichols & Ryan Quicksall No
2 Nominated
3 Used Co-POV on Self Allison Nichols & Ryan Quicksall Yes
Allison Nichols Yes
4 James Zinkand Yes
5 Returning HG Mystery HG No
Post-POV Nominee
Finale Jury Member Adam Jasinski Yes

Post Big Brother[]

  • Matt appeared on Big Brother 10 (US) to compete in a Food competition.
  • In 2010, Matt was indicated for being part of the drug ring of fellow Big Brother houseguest Adam Jasinski and was arrested for beating up and threatening his pregnant fianceé. [2]



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