Marvis Nkpornwi was a housemate in Big Brother Nigeria 2.


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Born 11th out of 21, this Mass Communication graduate is royalty of her tribe Onne from Eleme. She’s single and her last relationship ended because she couldn’t handle the long-distance and they quarreled a lot. Her pet peeve is disrespect and it gets her really angry. “I’ve never been in fights; I’ll finish you with my mouth”.[1]

Player History - Big Brother Nigeria 2

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 No Nominations
Kemen Ekerette
Efe Ejeba
Efe Ejeba
Kemen Ekerette
ThinTallTony Anthony
Rep Nominee
2 Miyonse Oluwaseyi
Gifty Powers
Miyonse Oluwaseyi
3 CoCoIce Montana
Debie-Rise Ebun
Debie-Rise Ebun
ThinTallTony Anthony
4 Bally Balat
Uriel Oputa
Debie-Rise Ebun
TBoss Idowu
Rep Nominee
5 Ese Eriata
Debie-Rise Ebun
Jon Ogah
6 No Nominations Nominated
8 ThinTallTony Anthony
TBoss Idowu
Debie-Rise Ebun
TBoss Idowu
9 Ineligible
10 Debie-Rise Ebun
TBoss Idowu
Debie-Rise Ebun
TBoss Idowu
11 No Nominations Fifth Place



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