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Martina Nasoni is the winner of Grande Fratello 16.

Playing an under-the-radar game in the first weeks, Martina was mainly notable for her flirtatious relationship with Daniele Dal Moro; while the two seemed a lot into each other at first, as time went by Dal Moro started to distance himself from Nasoni, considering her immature especially due to her young age. This lead to Martina going on a drunk sarcastic rant in the Solitary Room about their failed showmance and her other failures in life: clips from this rant became viral and turned her into a big fan-favorite.

Meanwhile, Dal Moro had developed a very tight friendship with Valentina Vignali, causing Martina to get jealous and develop a rivalry with Vignali as well as disdain for Daniele, who she thought was not treating her with respect.

Martina's fan-favorite status was increased by her reunion with her mother, who also suffers from the heart condition that caused both to get multiple surgeries and a pacemaker. Due to her likability during the season and her difficult and potentially costly health situation, Martina was ultimately voted as the winner, with 60% of the votes in her favor, beating Runner-Up Enrico Contarin.


Retrieved and Translated from Mediaset
Date of birth: 3 April 1998
City: Terni Martina is the girl next door, beautiful, strong and fragile at the same time, positive and determined.
It was the "muse" that inspired the song " the girl with the heart of tin " that Irama wrote and sang at the last Sanremo Festival.
He suffers from a congenital heart disorder, but he loves life and lives every minute as a gift, fighting against his limits.
Passionate about singing, art and acting, she is attending a course to become a tattoo artist.
Martina is single and would like to participate in the GF to take revenge on life.[1]

Player's History - Grande Fratello 16[]

Nominations History[]

Week Position Voted For With Majority?
1 Ineligible
Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 No Nominations
2 Ambra Lombardo
3 Mila Suarez
4 Mila Suarez
5 Gianmarco Onestini
Mila Suarez
Enrico Contarin
Gaetano Arena
Gianmarco Onestini
6 Enrico Contarin
Gaetano Arena
7 Gianmarco Onestini
Michael Terlizzi
Enrico Contarin
Gianmarco Onestini
Kikò Nalli
Michael Terlizzi
Valentina Vignali
8 Ineligible
Erica Piamonte
Kikò Nalli
Valentina Vignali Nominated
9 Exempt
No Nominations Final Three
No Nominations Final Two
No Nominations Winner

Post Big Brother[]



  1. Martina (in Italian) (8 April 2019).
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