Marlena Klimczyk was a housemate on Big Brother Poland 6.


Retrieved and Translated from TVN
• Age: 35 years
• City: Puławy
She graduated from psychotherapy school, but works in a detective office. The most difficult, but also the most beautiful function, which she is fulfilling is being a mother. She has three wonderful children who are the whole world for her. Marlena cares about herself not only in physical but also in spiritual terms. She is well-read, intelligent and very attractive. Life experiences have made her very confident. If she were to be an animal, she would be a cat because she always walks her own paths. She does not regret anything in her life and she has an appetite for more! [1]

Player's History - Big Brother Poland 6

Week 2 Weekly Task Passed

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Exempt
Oleh Riaszeńczew
Magda Wójcik
Igor Jakubowski
Magda Wójcik
Oleh Riaszeńczew
2 Magda Wójcik
Tomasz Urban
Izabela Mączka
Magda Wójcik
Radosław Palacz


  1. Klimczyk Marlena (in polish) (17 March 2019).


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