Mark Byron was a housemate on Big Brother 15 (UK).


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Twitter: @mrmarkbyron
Home town: Liverpool

  • Mark says his friends would describe him as a 'lovely person that always looks gorgeous. I'm a good loyal friend until people cross me - then it's another story'.


  • He is very focussed on his image, getting his hair professionally done four times a week, a weekly spray tan and has HD eyebrows which he describes as 'proper massive and razor sharp'.


  • He also claims to be 'a bit psychic' and even uses tarot cards to decide what to wear.


  • Mark doesn't like that he has a short temper and never backs down from an argument. "I often fly off the handle over the smallest things, like if the wind blows my hair out of place".


  • He likes that he doesn’t have a filter. "I just say what I want when I want and never think before I speak. It's part of my charm".


  • He finds it difficult dating. "My problem is that I'm beyond picky, no one is ever good enough for me".


  • He'd hate any mental tasks and says: "I'd be an epic fail if I had do an IQ test or any general knowledge quizzes".


  • He's ridiculously competitive and hates to lose. "If I don’t win, I just sulk".


  • Mark claims that he gets on with everyone, apart from judgemental people.


  • He believes that he'd make a 'fabulous fun housemate' who would always make people laugh. He knows how to keep a 'high energy' and can't wait to give people makeovers. "There's going to be a Scouse brow day once a week where I'll give all my fellow housemates a Scouse brow".[1]

Player's History - Big Brother 15 (UK)

Task History

Power Housemate History

Week 1 Loss
Week 2 Loss
Week 3 Loss
Week 4 Ineligible
Week 5 No Power Housemate
Week 6 Ineligible
Week 7 Win
Week 8 Ineligible
Week 9 Ineligible

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Kimberly Kisselovich
Jale Karaturp
Marlon Wallen -
2 Ineligible
- -
3 Chris Wright
Danielle McMahon
- -
4 Ineligible
5 Kimberly Kisselovich
Marlon Wallen
- -
6 Marlon Wallen
Kimberly Kisselovich
Marlon Wallen Saved
7 Ash Harrison
Pav Paul
Zoe Birkett
Power Housemate
8 Pav Paul
Chris Wright
- -
9 Pav Paul
Chris Wright
Chris Wright
Pav Paul



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