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Mariel Rodriguez
Presenter Profile
Born August 10, 1984 (1984-08-10) (age 39)
Hometown Parañaque, Metropolitan Manila
Known For Host Pinoy Big Brother
Host Pinoy Big Brother Uplate
Host Pinoy Big Brother Uber
Years Active 2005 - 2010
Social Media
Twitter marieltpadilla

Mariel Rodriguez - Padilla was one of the presenters of Pinoy Big Brother.

Hosting Pinoy Big Brother[]

She hosted the series from 2005 and left in 2010. She made a short comeback in the show from 2015 to 2016. Aside from co-hosting the live shows, she was also originally the host of Pinoy Big Brother Uplate which is aired every weeknight until Bianca replaced her as she temporarily took over Toni's role when she temporarily left the show during the Teen Edition 1. Since 2007, the Uplate was replaced by the afternoon companion show, Pinoy Big Brother Uber where in Mariel hosted up until she left the show after the 3rd Teen season ended.


Jon & Ma PT Entrance - Part 1

First part of Mariel's Reaction regarding her surprise entrance


Jon & Ma PT Entrance - Part 2

2nd part of Mariel's reaction regarding her surprise entrance

During Celebrity Edition 2, Big Brother made Mariel, as well as Toni among his house guests for the season. Mariel became the first to become a house guest.

She was "trapped" in the House by Big Brother on Day 4 after she brought Jon into the confession room and then the main House area. Contrary to what was presented when she came in, Mariel was in the House with a special mission and she did so with the consents of herself and her manager Boy Abunda. That mission was to be Big Brother's extra eyes and ears and to report which of the celebrity housemates were being true to themselves, as well as learning things about them. She was supposed to leave on Day 42, but because of recent events, Big Brother decided to further extend her stay until "the appointed time." That appointed time was Day 49. A week later, having missed the housemates, she accepted Big Brother's invitation to stay until the finale. Of course, she would have a series of tasks upon her return, her first one happened to be taking over Big Brother's place on Day 57 as the latter would be gone on an "official business." She left the House for the second time on the Day 77.

In 2015, which coincides to the 10th Anniversary of the series, Mariel Rodriguez returned to the show, with being a house guest once again and eventually hosting the finale with Toni and Bianca, and with Robi as well.

In 2016, Mariel reprised her role as one of the presenters however, she had her temporarily leave insisted by her OB-Gyne doctor due to her delicate pregnancy.


  • Mariel is the first ever presenter of Big Brother internationally to stay inside the house as a house guest.
    • She became the house guest to have the longest stay in the house with a total of 53 days, from entering the house on Day 4 up to her exit on Day 57.
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