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Marcus Bräuer is the winner of Big Brother Germany 14.


Marcus Bräuer Biography

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Marcus is an extremely versatile person who likes to try new things. Be it beekeeping, playing bass, various sports and much more - the list of interests of the inquisitive illustrator is long. He was particularly fond of comic drawing. He dreams of illustrating his own comic series and has already won a manga competition. But Marcus has even more talents: He is also a trained personal trainer.

However, things don't go so smoothly for Marcus when it comes to love. His friends have nicknamed him "Mr. Tinder" despite his average success rate on the dating platform. The 36-year-old cannot fully understand why this is the case. After all, Marcus attaches great importance to his appearance, is polite and makes sure to stay fit.[1]

Player's History - Big Brother Germany 14[]

Task History[]

Week 1 Weekly Task Passed
Week 2 Weekly Task Failed
Week 3 Live Match Ineligible
Live Match Win
Weekly Task Failed
Week 4 Weekly Task Passed
Week 5 Weekly Task Passed
Week 6 Live Match Ineligible
Week 7 Live Match Loss
Weekly Task Failed
Week 8 Weekly Task Passed
Week 9 Weekly Task Failed
Week 10 Live Match Loss
Weekly Task Failed
Week 11 Weekly Task Passed
Live Match Win
Week 12 Weekly Task Failed
Week 13 Weekly Task Failed
Week 14 Weekly Task Passed

Shopping Budget History[]

Week 1 Luxury Budget
Week 2 Economy Budget
Week 3 Economy Budget
Week 4 Luxury Budget
Week 5 Luxury Budget
Week 6 Luxury Budget
Week 7 Economy Budget
Week 8 Luxury Budget
Week 9 Economy Budget
Week 10 Economy Budget
Week 11 Luxury Budget
Week 12 Economy Budget
Week 13 Economy Budget
Week 14 Luxury Budget

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Ineligible
2 Ciara Singh
4 Ineligible
Frauke Drathschmidt
6 Ineligible
Benedikt Kohle
Kevin Boakye
8 Ineligible
Maja Gerlach Saved
10 Simon Tulgar Simon Tulgar
12 Ineligible
Bertha Frieberg Saved
13 Luanna Ferro
Maja Gerlach Ineligible
14 No Nominations Winner

Post Big Brother[]



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