Manuel Carbón is a contestant in Gran Hermano 18 (Spain).


Name: Manuel Coal
Age: 22 years
Hometown: La Estrada (Pontevedra)
Profession: Resister primary school teacher

an empathetic, funny and intelligent person is considered. It is also quiet and quite stable emotionally. Its greatest virtue is patience because it is not easily angered and in relation to defects is quite messy and a bit lazy. Manuel has a girlfriend for a year and a half, is very in love with his girl and is the only stable relationship he has had. Its two main hobbies are collecting video games and movies. In addition, magic occupies most of your time because it also works today. He is a skilled person with hands and he is good at sports. Galician wants to enter the house because he believes it is an experience that everyone should experience in their lives, as being isolated and knowing oneself is something unforgettable.[1]

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