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|Place =14th
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|Days =
|Currently1 = Evicted
|NominationsReceived = 4}}
|NominationsReceived = 4}}
'''Alain-Gloirdy "Makao" Bakwa''' is a housemate on ''[[Secret Story France 11]]''.
'''Alain-Gloirdy "Makao" Bakwa''' is a housemate on ''[[Secret Story France 11]]''.

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Alain-Gloirdy "Makao" Bakwa is a housemate on Secret Story France 11.


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26 years - Tours

What you need to know about it ...

Makao measures 2m13, and his build made, that it never passes unnoticed

He is calm and thoughtful despite his young age

The only time he cried in his life was when his mother died

His physique is out of step with his personality, because despite his imposing size, he is benevolent

Makao has traveled extensively, and this allowed him to speak several languages, such as English or Russian

He is very sporty, and has even been part of the 1st national team of Congo in rugby. He is a Congolese national.[1]

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