Maite Galdeano finished in 17th place in Gran Hermano 16 (Spain).


María Teresa (Maite) Galdeano Marañón (born April 22, 1969) is a 46-year-old bus driver from Pamplona. She considers herself determined and feisty. Divorced for the last 12 years and a mother of three, she entered the house on Day One along with her daughter Sofía. She had to pretend she did not know Sofía from before. At the same time, she had to pretend Suso is her son; Maite and Suso's secret was revealed on the first "assembly of secrets". Maite and Sofía's secret was revealed on the second assembly of secrets. She was the first evicted on Day 12. She tried to return to the contest and she lived in the apartment with Enrique, Raquel and Muti until she was eliminated as a second option chosen by the audience.

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