Ménage à Trois
Alliance Profile
Big Brother Canada 5
Members Bruno Ielo
Kevin Martin
Sindy Nguyen
Votes Against 11
HoH Wins 3 (Day 34, Weeks 8 & 9)
4 (Weeks 6, 7, & Day 55)
Veto Wins 4 (Weeks 1, 5, Day 55 & Week 9)
Lowest Placing Member Sindy Nguyen (10/16)
Highest Placing Member Kevin Martin (1/16)

Ménage à Trois is an alliance in Big Brother Canada 5 who consisted of Bruno Ielo, Kevin Martin and Sindy Nguyen. The alliance was composed between the returners from season 3 which is mentioned in the name by the number 3. The members managed to avoid being targets throughout the pre-jury phase. However, after Sindy made a costly decision to nominate Neda during her short HOH reign the alliance began to crumble. She was evicted the next week. Bruno was evicted in week 7, thus leaving Kevin all alone. However, Kevin managed to make it to the final 2 by going on a competition run. ultimately, Kevin won the game.


BBCAN5 Small Bruno
BBCAN5 Small Kevin
BBCAN5 Small Sindy



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