Luxury Competitions are competitions that happen every so often where houseguests get to compete for the chance to win a special prize, courtesy of Big Brother.

They are sometimes separate competitions, while other times they are joint with another competition.

List of Luxury Competitions

Season Competition Winner
1 "Sumo Wrestling Competition" Eddie McGee
"Emmy Awards Ticket Hunt" Curtis Kin
"Find Chiquita" Josh Souza
"Saboteur Hunt" Curtis Kin
2 "Luxury Competition" Autumn Daly
Nicole Nilson Schaffrich
Shannon Dragoo
"Cross Dressing" Shannon Dragoo
Bunky Miller
Nicole Nilson Schaffrich
Kent Blackwelder
"Spinning Discs" Monica Bailey
"Rescue 911" Nicole Nilson Schaffrich
Krista Stegall
Monica Bailey
"Big Brother 2 News" Will Kirby
Bunky Miller
"Blockbuster" Bunky Miller
"The Great Escape" Will Kirby
Bunky Miller
"Crack The Code" Hardy Ames-Hill
3 "Luau Luxury" Lisa Donahue
Eric Ouellette
Tonya Paoni
Gerry Lancaster
Amy Crews
Marcellas Reynolds
"Big Brother Charm School" Amy Crews
Jason Guy
"Luxury Competition" Amy Crews
"Surf's Up" Jason Guy
Amy Crews
4 "Spin-O-Matic" Alison Irwin
"Attack Of The Gnomes" Jee Choe
"Escape From Big Brother" Alison Irwin
Jun Song
"Runaway Jury" Robert Roman
5 "Admit One" Diane Henry
Drew Daniel
Will Wikle
"The Web" Diane Henry
6 "Big Brother Cineplex" Jennifer Vasquez
Rachel Plencner
Sarah Hrejsa
7 "Talladega Nights" Danielle Reyes
Diane Henry
James Rhine
Janelle Pierzina
Mike "Boogie" Malin
Will Kirby
8 "Shop 'til You Drop" Jessica Hughbanks
Daniele Donato
Jameka Cameron
Amber Siyavus
9 "Big Brother Blackjack" Ryan Quicksall
"21" Chelsia Hart
"What Happens In Vegas" Ryan Quicksall
Sharon Obermueller
10 "Luxury Competition" Dan Gheesling
11 "The Ugly Truth" Casey Turner
Chima Simone
"The Goods" Russell Kairouz
"Big Brother Boutique" Jordan Lloyd
Kevin Campbell
Michele Noonan
Natalie Martinez
12 "Big Brother Cop Course" Brendon Villegas
Enzo Palumbo
Hayden Moss
"Big Brother Hide And Seek" Britney Haynes
13 "Same Name" Jordan Lloyd
14 "Swamped" Mike "Boogie" Malin
15 "10K" Spencer Clawson
16 "Sloppy the Snowman" Derrick Levasseur
"Jury Fury" Hayden Voss
Victoria Rafaeli
17 "Luxury Competition" Meg Maley
"Under The Rainbow" Liz Nolan
18 "Big Brother Carnival" Corey Brooks
James Huling
Michelle Meyer
Natalie Negrotti
Nicole Franzel
Paul Abrahamian
Paulie Calafiore
Victor Arroyo
Paulie Calafiore
Victor Arroyo*
21 "Change of $cenery" Jackson Michie
22 "Clash of the Comics" Nicole Franzel

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