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|Currently = In the house
|Currently = Ejected
|Image = [[File:Croatia 7 Luka Rok.jpg|275px]]
|Image = [[File:Croatia 7 Luka Rok.jpg|275px]]
|hometown = Zagreb
|hometown = Zagreb
|occupation = Chef
|occupation = Chef
|birthdate =
|birthdate = {{Birth date and age|1995|7|26|mf=yes}}
|ProfileInputAnyText = Yes
|ProfileInputAnyText = Yes
|SeriesFullName = Big Brother Croatia 7
|SeriesFullName = Big Brother Croatia 7
|Place =
|Currently1 = Ejected
|TimesNominated =
|Place =19th
|TimesNominated =4 (Day 22, Weeks 4, 6 & Day 43)
|TimesSaved =
|TimesSaved =
|NominationsReceived =
|NominationsReceived =15
|Days =
|Days =44
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a housemate on ''[[Big Brother Croatia 7]]''.
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a housemate on ''[[Big Brother Croatia 7]]''.
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[[Category:Big Brother Croatia Contestants]]
[[Category:Big Brother Croatia Contestants]]
[[Category:Season 7 (HRV) Contestants]]
[[Category:Season 7 (HRV) Contestants]]
[[Category:19th Place]]
[[Category:Removed Contestants]]

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Luka Rok Medunović is a housemate on Big Brother Croatia 7.


Retrieved and translated from RTL
The port is 23 years old and comes from Zagreb, and is a chef. He points out that his appearance is very important, and he goes to the gym six times a week. He says he has a lot of self-esteem and self-esteem, and sometimes he is brutal. "I'm a weird match between the Vienna school and Balkanism," Luke joked. In her body, she is particularly impressed by the tattoo of the devoted girl she has long tried to conquer. At the end she managed to complain, and she agreed, but then, in a few days, she went unnoticed without a greeting. Luka points out that the male population often lacks the ease with which she approaches the girls, and points out that she is always in the first place in her company when it comes to winning the members of the nicest sex. In the house, he says, he would never get naked because he was watching television on his television, but admitting that any action under the sheets would not have been the slightest problem.[1]

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