Luis Hontiveros is an adult housemate in Pinoy Big Brother 7's Regular Edition.

He was officially revealed on ABS-CBN's afternoon variety show, It's Showtime.


Player History

Nominations History

Week Points Nominated Final Position
1 Not in House (Celebrity Edition)
2 Not in House (Celebrity Edition)
3 Not in House (Celebrity Edition)
4 Not in House (Celebrity Edition)
5 Not in House (Teen Edition)
6 Not in House (Teen Edition)
7 Not in House (Teen Edition)
8 Not in House (Teen Edition)
9 Not in House (Teen Edition)
10 Not in House (Teen Edition)
11 Not in House (Teen Edition)
12 Not in House (Teen Edition)
13 Not in House (Teen Edition)
14 Not in House (Teen Edition)
15 Not in House (Teen Edition)

Padaluck History

Eviction (Ligtask) History

Ligtask Challenge History


  • He is the nephew of the Philippine senator, Risa Hontiveros.
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