Lucky Tasks play an important role on Pinoy Big Brother 7's twist. As part of the Lucky 7 twist, the housemates of Celebrity and Teen Editions were to pass 5 to 6 out of 7 lucky tasks in order for them to give luck to an aspiring auditionee to become a housemate for the succeeding edition of the season.

For the first part, the Celebrity Housemates must pass 5 or 6 lucky tasks. If they passed 5 out of 7, they will be given a chance to pick a teen wait-listed auditionee to become an official housemate for the Teen Edition. If they passed 6 out of 7, Thuy Nguyen, their house guest who secretly had a task would become an official adult housemate for the civilian/regular edition. They evenutually picked Maymay Entrata to become the official housemate for the Teen Edition

For the Teen Edition, if they passed 6 out of 7 tasks, they would be giving luck to an adult auditionee to become an official housemate for the regular edition.

Result Announcement

There are 7 suns on the wall (hats in Vietnam House), if the sun lights up in blue, it means they succeeded the task. If it lights up in red, it means they failed the lucky task.

Lucky 7 Tasks


1 Three Ducklings Win
2 Vietnamese Water Puppets Win
3 Ostrich Ride Win
4 Crocodile Feeding Win
5 Street Performance Loss
6 250 Spring Rolls Win
7 Spring Roll Selling Win


1 Sayaw-Gaw Win
2 Rita's House Win
3 88 Minutes of Laughter Loss
4 Rubiks Cube Philippine Map Win
5 Pak Salern Beauty Salon Win
6 Outside World Army Mission Win
7 Domino Tower Win


1 Okay na Ukay ni Kuya Win
2 Parol ni Kuya Win
3 Tower of Blocks Win
4 16 Hours of Sleep Win
5 16 Hours of Sleep Win
6 Christmas Presentation Win
7 2017 Continuous Jumps Win
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