Lucky Houses

Lucky Houses


Team Profile
Pinoy Big Brother 7
Lowest Placing Member Aura Azarcon (12th/12th)
Highest Placing Member Tanner Mata (5th/12th)

The Lucky Houses was one of the three teams that made up Pinoy Big Brother 7's Dream Team.

The Lucky Houses consisted of Tanner Mata, Aura Azarcon Jerome Alecre and Cora Waddell. They are the adult housemates who entered the house on the third chapter of the season, and managed to take the Lucky House slots.


Just like the Lucky Stars and the Lucky Suns, there are four different competitions that is reserved for each slot in the Lucky Houses but one of the first step for being eligible for a slot is to survive and be part of the Lucky 7 Housemates. Once a Lucky 7 housemate, they must win the four types of competition, the Big Jump Competition, the Public Voting, the Lucky Chosen Housemate, the 4th Lucky Spot Competition in order to achieve a slot.

  • 1st Lucky House Slot: The first Lucky House is reserved for the Big Jump winner.
  • 2nd Lucky House Slot: The second Lucky House is reserved for the housemate chosen by the public.
  • 3rd Lucky House Slot: The third Lucky House is reserved for the Lucky Adult Housemate chosen by the Lucky 7 Teen Housemates.
  • 4th Lucky House Slot: The fourth Lucky House is reserved for the Wildcard Celebrity Housemate that wins the 4th Lucky Spot Competition.

Color and Emblem

The edition's official color in Pinoy Big Brother 7 is color green, as seen in their Lucky Jackets. The Emblem is a House, which symbolizes the strength of the adults. It's known that the Civilian Adults have the largest population in the workforce and they are known to provide the basic needs of their family, just like what a House does to all people.

Another reason for choosing a "house" as an emblem for the Civilians is because of the fact that the Civilian Edition is considered as the original edition of Pinoy Big Brother, hence seeing a green silhouette of Pinoy Big Brother House during the opening intro of the Dream Team Chapter.

Throughout the series, the logo has appeared corresponding to the Adult Housemates. On the Dream Team, the Emblem has merged together with the emblems of the Lucky Stars and the Lucky Suns to form the Dream Team Emblem, signifying the unification of the entire 7th Season.

The Lucky Sun Members

PBB7DT Tanner Small
5th Place
PBB7DT Aura Small
12th Place
PBB7DT Jerome Small
11th Place
PBB7DT Cora Small
7th Place


Adult History

Dream Team History


  • Being the third chapter and the last chapter before the Dream Team, the Lucky House members except Cora Waddell didn't have a temporary exit unlike the Lucky Stars and the Lucky Suns did when their edition ended. Instead, the Lucky House members were tasked by Big Brother to welcome the two teams' re-entry by organizing slumber party held in the activity area. Altogether, they celebrated the beginning of the Dream Team chapter on Day 176.
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