The Lucky 7 Housemates are the Top 7 housemates especially appearing on Pinoy Big Brother 7. It supplements to the season's theme which revolves around "luck".

Since the season is divided into three editions or chapters, each edition has their Lucky 7 housemates formed. Forming the Lucky 7 indicates that each chapter is on its halfway through the series and the start of a more difficult stage among the housemates to test if they really deserve to be part of the Dream Team and eventually become the Big Winner.

Despite being called Lucky 7, being part of it is not an easy way. The housemates must avoid getting nominated to survive the weekly eviction competitions, in order for them to stay for another week and advance further to the competition. Once the Lucky 7 was completed, the Eviction Competition will be replaced by the Public Voting.

Being part of the Lucky 7 is among the most important stage in a housemate's journey inside the house as it is the stage where the competition really starts. It makes the housemate eligible to some of the important things a housemate should get in order for them to advance to another stage which is the Dream Team

Once a member of the Lucky 7, the housemates will receive their Lucky Jackets, a symbolism of the milestone they reached in the competition and to symbolize their capabilities and potential of becoming the Big Winner.

The Benefits

Once a housemate became part of the Lucky 7, they will be eligible to the following:

  • Be eligible to become a Lucky Chosen Housemate for their own batch, chosen by the preceding batch of housemates.
  • Be eligible to compete in the Big Jump Competition for them to have a chance to take one of the Lucky Finalist slots and automatically be part of the Dream Team, the ultimate stage of the series. Winning the Big Jump will make the housemate automatically immune from the succeeding evictions and nominations.
  • Be eligible to compete in the Ligtask Challenge if ever nominated for eviction to remove themselves from the list.
  • Be eligible to receive the Lucky Jacket, an important object to represent their place in the competition.

The Lucky 7 Housemates

Lucky 7 Celebrities

LuckyStarLogoLucky 7 Celebrity HousematesLuckyStarLogo
PBB7Jinri Small
PBB7Nikko SmallPBB7McCoy Small
PBB7Nonong Small
PBB7Elisse Small
PBB7Yassi Small
PBB7Hideo Small
PBB7JK Small
1st Lucky Star (Big Jump Winner)
2nd Lucky Star (Public's Choice)
3rd Lucky Star (Adults' Choice)
4th Lucky Star (Wildcard Winner)

Lucky 7 Teens

LuckySunLogoLucky 7 Teen HousematesLuckySunLogo
PBB7Edward Small
PBB7Kisses Small
PBB7Maymay Small
PBB7Yong Small
PBB7Christian Small
PBB7Vivoree Small
PBB7Marco Small
1st Lucky Sun (Big Jump Winner)
2nd & 3rd Lucky Sun (Public's Choice)
4th Lucky Sun (Wildcard Winner)

Lucky 7 Adults

LuckyHouseLogoLucky 7 Adult HousematesLuckyHouseLogo
PBB7Tanner Small
PBB7Aura Small
PBB7Jerome Small
PBB7Cora Small
PBB7Baninay Small
PBB7Wil Small
PBB7Luis Small
1st Lucky House (Big Jump Winner)
2nd Lucky House (Public's Choice)
3rd Lucky House (Teens' Choice)
4th Lucky House (Wildcard Winner)

Lucky 7 Dream Team Finalists

Dream Team Logo Lucky 7 Dream Team FinalistsDream Team Logo
PBB7DT Maymay
PBB7DT Kisses
PBB7DT Edward
PBB7DT Tanner
PBB7DT Nikko&McCoy


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