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MayWard first magcover

Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber of Pinoy Big Brother 7 known as MayWard featured on the cover of Inside Showbiz Weekly for its April 1 - 7, 2017 issue.

Love Team is a unique cultural phenomenon in Philippine entertainment industry and Filipino pop culture that made its way in Pinoy Big Brother.[1][2]

Loveteam Culture[]

In Philippine pop culture, a love team is a type of an onscreen romance, more known today in Hollywood as showmance, of two actors within a certain series or movie. The actors that form a love team often star as lead characters in various drama series and movies altogether as romantic couples. Dating as far back as 1920s during pre-war era of Philippine cinema, love teams have become a cultural phenomenon in Philippine showbiz and were often a result of shipping by fans, leading to creations of fandoms dedicated to a love team and having love teams star in multiple romance movies and series. However, love team actors do not necessarily require romantic interests towards each other unlike what fans usually expect but some have developed romance over time as they continuously work together on multiple projects as onscreen couples. [3]

Association with Pinoy Big Brother[]

Since Pinoy Big Brother first aired in 2005, the desire of young fans (mainly shippers) to witness a real blossoming relationship instead of an acted out romance was realized. Since Pinoy Big Brother is an unscripted reality show and focuses on a group of strangers forming a relationship within a certain number of days, some of the housemates often develop mutual romantic relationship. Because the show typically includes these romantic relationships in the season's narrative, many viewers often get hooked to the budding romance and as a result, they often begin supporting and pairing up certain housemates by forming ship names or love team names, usually a portmanteau of the housemates' names.

Interestingly, in spite of romantic relationships forming in Civilian Adult and Celebrity seasons, love teams are more prevalent among teen housemates of the show. However, the romances between teenaged housemates are considered more age-appropriate, innocent and focuses mainly around crushes as they are heavily monitored under the watchful eyes of Big Brother as their guardian. On the other hand, adult showmances tend to be more intimate and mature when inside the house. While many Filipino get hooked in love teams, majority of Filipino audience, most of which remain conservative, still expect every housemate to observe proper etiquette when progressing their romances with each other on national television, and advancing too much such as doing very intimate acts often lead to controversy and scandal. [4]

Throughout the years, many loveteams were formed inside the house, often made up by fans/shippers, but only a few developed real romantic relationships inside the house. [5]

Pinoy Big Brother Love Teams[]

Although many fans have shipped many housemates and named many love team ships every season, this list only include those housemates who were canonically considered as having "real" romantic relationships or attraction to another housemate at some point during their time in the house.

Season Male Female Love Team Name
Season 1 JB Magsaysay Say Alonzo Unknown
Sam Milby Say Alonzo
Sam Milby Chx Alcala
Uma Khouny Cassandra Ponti
Celebrity Edition 1 Zanjoe Marudo Bianca Gonzalez Bianca + Zanjoe= Bianjoe
Teen Edition 1 Mikee Lee Kim Chiu Mikee + Kim = Mikim
Gerald Anderson Kim Chiu Kim + Gerald = Kimerald
Matt Evans Olyn Membian Matt + Olyn = Mattlyn
Season 2 Zeke Dimaguila Dionne Monsanto Unknown
Bruce Quebral Wendy Valdez Bruce + Wendy = Brendy
Robert Woods Saicy Aguila Unknown
Mickey Perz Gee-Ann Abrahan Gee-Ann + Mickey = GeeMick
Celebrity Edition 2 Will Devaughn Riza Santos Will + Riza = WilRiz
Jon Avila Mariel Rodriguez Mariel + Jon = Majon
Teen Edition Plus Josef Elizalde Nicole Uysiuseng Nicole + Josef = Nicosef
Robi Domingo Nicole Uysiuseng Robi + Nicole = Robicole
Ejay Falcon Valerie Weigmann Valerie + Ejay = ValJay
Alex Anselmuccio Beauty Gonzalez Beauty + Alex = Beaulex
Double Up Jason Francisco Melisa Cantiveros Melisa + Jason = Melason
Hermes Bautista Cathy Remperas Unknown
Johan Santos Cathy Remperas
Teen Clash 2010 Bret Jackson Fretzie Bercede Bret + Fretzie = Bretzie
James Reid Devon Seron James + Devon = Jaevon
Ivan Dorschner Tricia Santos Tricia + Ivan = Trivan
Unlimited Kevin Fowler Pamu Pamorada Pamu + Kevin = MuVin
Mark Luz Kim de Guzman Unknown
Slater Young Divine Maitland-Smith Slater + Divine = Slavine
Carlo Romero Wendy Tabusalla Carlo + Wendy = Candy
Joseph Biggel Tin Patrimonio Biggel + Tin = BiggeTin
Teen Edition 4 Kit Thompson Karen Reyes Kit + Karen = Kiten
Yves Flores Myrtle Sarrosa Myrtle + Yves = Myrves
Alec Dungo Jai Agpangan Jai + Alec = Jalec
All In Joshua Garcia Loisa Andalio Loisa + Joshua = Loishua
Joshua Garcia Jane Oineza Joshua + Jane = Joshane
Manolo Pedrosa Maris Racal Unknown
737 Bailey May Barbie Imperial Barbie + Bailey = Barley
Bailey May Ylona Garcia Bailey + Ylona = Bailona
Kenzo Gutierrez Kamille Filoteo Kamille + Kenzo = KamZo
Tommy Esguerra Miho Nishida Tommy + Miho = Tomiho
Charlhone Petro Margo Midwinter Charlhone + Margo = Chargo
Zeus Collins Dawn Chang Unknown
Season 7 McCoy DeLeon Elisse Joson McCoy + Elisse = McLisse
Edward Barber Heaven Peralejo Heaven + Edward = VenWard
Marco Gallo Heaven Peralejo Marco + Heaven = Marven
Edward Barber Maymay Entrata Maymay + Edward = MayWard
Marco Gallo Vivoree Esclito Marco + Vivoree = Marvoree
Marco Gallo Kisses Delavin Kisses + Marco = KissMarc
Luis Hontiveros Cora Waddell Luis + Cora = Lura
Yong Muhajil Kisses Delavin Kisses + Yong = KissYong
Tanner Mata Cora Waddell Cora + Tanner = Corner
Otso Aljon Mendoza Karina Bautista Karina + Aljon = Karjon
Gian Wang Missy Quino Gian + Missy = Gianssy
André Brouillette Lou Yanong Lou + Andre = Loudre
Hanie Jarrar Shawntel Cruz Shawntel + Hanie = Shawnie
JC Gamez Tori Garcia JC + Tori = Jori
Kim Franco Thea Rizaldo Unknown
Shoichi Oka Yen Quirante Shoichi + Yen = Shoiyen
Lance Carr Ashley Del Mundo Ashley + Lance = Ashlance
Mich Wunder Angela Tungol Angela + Mich = Gelmich
Lance Carr Angela Tungol Angela + Lance = Gelance
Mich Wunder Kyzha Villalino Kyzha + Mich = ZhaMich
Tan Roncal Ashley Del Mundo Ashley + Tan = Ashtan
Gino Roque IV Kiara Takahashi Kiara + Gino = Kiano
Sky Quizon Diana Mackey Unknown
Wealand Ferrer Kaori Oinuma Kaori + Wealand = Kaoland
Connect Kobie Brown Andrea Abaya Kobie + Andrea = Kodrea
Crismar Menchavez Mika Pajares Unknown
Kyron Aguilera Haira Palaguitto Haira + Kyron = Hairon
Kumunity Season 10 KD Estrada Anji Salvacion Kyle + Anji = Kyji
Alexa Ilacad Eian Rances Alexa + Eian = Aleian
Shanaia Gomez Albie Casiño Shanaia + Albie = Shaibie

Loveteam Gallery[]

Notable Controversies[]

Despite of the popularity of loveteams among Pinoy Big Brother audiences, there were many instances where the viewing public had an outcry regarding certain love teams in the show or recently the idea of love teams in general as an aspect of the show.

Too Intimate for Philippine TV[]

Cheating Issues[]

Loveteam as a Strategy[]

Anti-Loveteam Fans[]


  • Out of all housemates who were part of a love team, women are more likely to place higher than their male counterparts.
  • JB Magsaysay & Say Alonzo were considered as the first love team of Pinoy Big Brother, but it was short lived due to JB's early eviction.
  • Pinoy Big Brother 7 had the most loveteams, all because of various fandoms. Some are also just for fun such as the Banner and Corner love teams.
  • Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition 4 were the most controversial season in terms of housemate relationships, the season itself received a number of criticisms for the teen housemates as to not being good role models as they only knew was to flirt with each other. Although no ejections, it was also considered by fans as the season where Big Brother often gets angry and gives reprimands due to the unruly teens.
  • Melason's Melisa and Jason, GeeMick's Gee-Ann and Mickey and Candy's Carlo and Wendy are the loveteams that have successfully married each other after Pinoy Big Brother.
  • Kimerald consisting of Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson is considered as the most successful PBB loveteam of all time because of their success in Philippine entertainment industry. However, their relationship ended already in 2012.
  • Aside from romantic relationships, fans also form ship names or friendship names such as Kenley with Bailey May and Kenzo Gutierrez due to their close friendship, as well as KissMay with Maymay Entrata and Kisses Delavin and FumiYam with Yamyam Gucong and Fumiya Sankai due to their very close friendship. Fans even consider them as Friendship Goals for being so close.
  • Some fans have non-canonically shipped housemates of the same-sex and named as a love team, such as Frankiana and GinSky. As of the current season, same-sex relationships still haven't developed yet in Pinoy Big Brother despite casting LGBT Housemates.


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