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Loft Story Quebec is the French-Canadian version of the international phenomenon Big Brother. It is based on the French version of the franchise that was in production from 2001-2002.


The first season was hosted by Renée-Claude Brazeau and Philippe Fehmiu and produced by Guy Cloutier Réalité , a subsidiary of Guy Cloutier Communications . Éric Lapointe plays the theme song for the show Les à contre autres , written by Luc Plamondon. Despite significant ratings for a network like TQS, the production of the show was in deficit, mainly because of the lack of sale of the many derivatives placed on the market (record, review, etc.) and because of the lack interest from advertisers. It is this situation that explains the delay of more than two years between the production of the first and the second season.

Seasons 2 to 6 are produced by Télé-Vision V Inc., a subsidiary of Groupe Télé-Vision Inc. During the 2006 winter season, the show was hosted by Isabelle Maréchal and Virginie Coossa . For seasons 3,4,5 Marie Plourde replaced Isabelle Maréchal, while Virginie Coossa remained co-host. In seasons 5 and 6, Kim Rusk, the winner of season 3, was the co-host. Season 6 will be hosted by Pierre-Yves Lord .

Season 6 will be a special "All-Stars" style edition, much like the original Big Brother series that did the same kind of special season. Twelve participants from previous seasons will come back to replay the game. Six candidates will be chosen by the production and six will be chosen by the public. The production announced the biggest prize in the history of Loft Story . Season 6 started in 2009 and it was announced that it would be the last edition of Loft Story at TQS.


Several modifications to the principles were made from the second season. The hot water is no longer rationed as it was during the first series, the production attempts to direct the adventures of lofters and intrigues by causing situations that improve the television show (like a treasure hunt, tests and riddles). The second series also sees the "loft master" who plays a more pro-active role by being himself a character in its own right. For the fourth season, changes were made in the loft (decorative changes and new rooms: lounge and boss room) and the decor of the shows was changed.

The House[]

For the first season, the loft and studio of the Sunday program were located in two separate buildings in the borough of Saint-Hubert in Longueuil . For the second and third series, the loft and the studio shared the same building in the LaSalle borough in Montreal . For the fourth series, due to logistical problems caused by the move from Sunday evening to Wednesday evening, the studio is now located a few minutes walk from the loft, still in the borough LaSalle.

Major Changes[]

A big change in the fourth season of Loft Story, there is only one person who deserves the title of winner of Loft Story 4. In addition, there is the famous vault with the five combinations, of which only one who will be able to open the safe that contains $ 75,000 .

A coup de théâtre, after Mathieu Cass was named winner of Loft Story 4, the Master announces the destruction of the loft which had traveled until now three seasons. The competitors are therefore immersed in a new loft, used for seasons 5 and 6.


Loft Story[]

Loft Story Quebec Seasons
Season Channel Season Run Days Contestants Winner(s) Runner(s)-Up
Loft Story Quebec 1
Loft Story Quebec 1
TQS remstar October 5, 2003 -
December 7, 2003
64 14
Julie Lemay
Samuel Tissot
Brigitte Bourdeau
Hugues Dubé
Loft Story Quebec 2
Loft Story Quebec 2
January 29, 2006 -
April 2, 2006
Stéphanie Bélanger
Mathieu Baron
Dominique Julien
Maxime Hébert
Loft Story Quebec 3
Loft Story Quebec 3
September 24, 2006 -
December 3, 2006
71 15
Loft Story Quebec 4
Loft Story Quebec 4
September 26, 2007 -
December 5, 2007
Mathieu Surprenant
Sébastien Tremblay
Loft Story Quebec 5
Loft Story Quebec 5
September 28, 2008 -
December 7, 2008
Charles-Éric Boncoeur
Kevin Corbeil
Loft Story Quebec 6
Loft Story 6: La Revanche
March 29, 2009 -
May 31, 2009
64 16
Sébastien Tremblay
Hugues Dubé

Big Brother[]

Big Brother Quebec Seasons
Season Channel Season Run Days Contestants Winner Runner-Up Final Vote
Big Brother Quebec 1
Big Brother Quebec 1
V Tele 2012.svg March 14, 2010 -
May 16, 2010
63 15
Vinny Durand Dubé
Christian Bilodeau
CBBQ1 Logo
Celebrity Big Brother Quebec 1
Noovo Logo January 10, 2021 -
April 11, 2021
Jean-Thomas Jobin
François Lambert
CBBQ1 Logo
Celebrity Big Brother Quebec 2
January 9, 2022 -
April 10, 2022
Stéphanie Harvey
Éléonore Lagacé
QuebecLFR Logo
Big Brother: Le fantastique réveillon
December 11, 2022 1 7
Félix-Antoine Tremblay
Marie-Lyne Joncas
CBBQ1 Logo
Celebrity Big Brother Quebec 3
January 8, 2023 -
April 2, 2023
85 16
Mona de Grenoble
Liliane Blanco-Binette
QuebecLJD Logo
Big Brother Célébrités: Les jeux d'été
August 31, 2023 1 19 No Winner No Vote
QuebecLNR Logo
Big Brother: Le noovo réveillon
December 10, 2023 7
Tammy Verge
Marie-Soleil Dion
CBBQ1 Logo
Celebrity Big Brother Quebec 4
January 7, 2024 -
March 31, 2024
85 16
Danick Martineau
Gabrielle Marion
CBBQ1 Logo
Celebrity Big Brother Quebec 5
January 2025



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