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Loft Story is a slightly re-tooled version of the Dutch-created Big Brother, toned down slightly for the French market by production company Endemol.

The initial French Loft Story inspired the creation of a similar show of the same name in Quebec. The famous eye logo is used by both Loft Story versions. It evokes the voyeuristic eye of the television viewer as she or he watches the Lofteurs live in front of the cameras. Some of them get gradually voted off the show by viewers on their phones and the last couple win a house. It caused great controversy in France and the house was attacked by protesters.

The series never returned after the second season. 5 years later, another French version of Big Brother was aired, Secret Story, with a new format to suit the French market.

The Series[]


The format for the show was loosely based on the original Big Brother show where contestants must live in a confined quarters and are encouraged to find a partner in order for them to win a house.


Loft Story became a craze when it was screened, but as it went on, it became extremely criticized, mocked and belittled by the media: the premise of ordinary young people being filmed most of the time in a cozy loft (and letting themselves out, they got a reputation of being stupid), being voted off by people on phones and getting to win money at the end, got it called high-rate "garbage tv".

Loft Story is considered to be the precursor of reality shows in France where the contestants get voted off by viewers.

Like other Big Brother-style programs, the show's sexual content was criticized as several contestants were seen having intercourse on camera.


Loft Story France Seasons
Season Season Run Days Housemates Winner Runner(s)-Up
Loft Story France 1
April 26, 2001 -
July 5, 2001
71 13
Cristophe Mercy
Cristophe Mercy
Loana Petrucciani
Jean-Édouard Convert
Laure de Lattre
Loft Story France 2
April 11, 2002 -
July 4, 2002
85 13
Thomas Saillofest
Karine Delgado
David Golis
Angela Nanni



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