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This is a list of Head of Household competitions. For the main article, click here.

U.S. Seasons[]

Main Series (US)[]

Season Competition Winner
2 "Wheel Of First Impressions" Mike
"To The Mat" Krista
"By The Numbers" Hardy
"Higher/Lower" Kent
"Face The Facts" Hardy
"Pushing It To The Limit" Nicole
"Big Brother Road Trip" Hardy
"Strange Bedfellows" Monica
Final HoH Part 1 Will
Final HoH Part 2 Nicole
Final HoH Part 3 Nicole
3 "Wheel Of First Impressions" Lisa
"In the House" Marcellas
"One Step Beyond" Roddy
"Face Off" Gerry
"Gutter Ball" Chiara
"Houseguest Soup" Amy
"Who Said It?" Jason
"Evicted Statements" Marcellas
"Freezeframe" Jason
"...And Then There Were Four" Danielle
"HoH Lifeboat (Final HoH Part 1)" Lisa
"Household Chores (Final HoH Part 2)" Jason
"Jury Statements (Final HoH Part 3)" Lisa
4 "Who's Ya Chum?" Nathan
"Majority Rules" Jee
"Everything in 3's" Dana
"Around the Water Cooler" Alison
"Who Said It?" Justin
"Steel Cage Match" Erika
"Black HoHle" Jee
"Dissapearing Act" Jun
"Dearly Departed" Robert
"On The House (Final HoH Part 1)" Alison
"Unexpected Relations (Final HoH Part 2)" Jun
"Exact Match (Final HoH Part 3)" Alison
5 "Treadmills of Terror" Jase
"Majority Rules" Marvin
"High, Low" Drew
"I Have A Secret" Diane
"Home is Where the Answer Is" Nakomis
"The Puck Stops Here" Adria
"Who Said It?" Nakomis
"Putting For Power" Marvin
"Chemical Reaction" Drew
"Ready Set Gone" Nakomis
"Before or After" Drew
"Earthquake (Final HoH Part 1)" Drew
"Twisted Twosomes (Final HoH Part 2)" Michael
"Encore Presentation (Final HoH Part 3)" Drew
6 "Wipe Out" Rachel
"Fast & Easy" Eric
"Majority Rules" Kaysar
"Power Roller" Maggie
"Eliminator" Howie
"Pressure Cooker" Jennifer
"Face the Facts" Janelle
"On The House" Beau
"High, Low" April
"Playing it Straight" Howie
"Magnetic Attractions" Ivette
"Before or After" Janelle
"The Key of Being Safe (Final HoH Part 1)" Ivette
"Pad-Locked (Final HoH Part 2)" Janelle
"Jury Statements (Final HoH Part 3)" Ivette
7 "Falling Stars" Janelle & Jase (Co-HoH)
"Alison Rules" Kaysar
"Pay Attention" James
"Define & Dismiss" Janelle
"Caught in A Web" Danielle
"The Ghosts of Big Brother Past" Erika
"The Ghosts of Big Brother Past" Redo Janelle
"Prom Night" George
"Revenge of the Gnomes" Mike
"But First" Erika
"Battle of the Sexes" Janelle
"Big Brother Bowl" Mike
"Mount HoH (Final HoH Part 1)" Erika
"Fly by Night (Final HoH Part 2)" Mike
"Jury Statements (Final HoH Part 3)" Mike
8 "Mushroom Madness" Kail
"Majority Rules" Jen
"Getting Schooled" Dick
"Eliminator" Dustin
"Times Up" Daniele
"Let's Make A Duel" Jessica
"Strange Visitors" Daniele
"Tanks for the Memories" Jessica
"Big Brother Tea Party" Zach
"Before or After" Dick
"Picture This" Zach
"Bunny Hop (Final HoH Part 1)" Zach
"Chain of Commands (Final HoH Part 2)" Dick
"Jury Statements (Final HoH Part 3)" Dick
9 "Do You Know Your Partner?" Alex & Amanda (Co-HoH)
"Big Brother Democracy" Chelsia & James (Co-HoH)
"Words of Love" Joshuah & Sharon (Co-HoH)
"Time After Time" Ryan
"Big Brother Disco" James
"En Garde" Adam
"Big Brother Election" Natalie
"More... or Less" Adam
"Glass Houses" Sheila
"Fact or Fiction" Ryan
"Up A Creek (Final HoH Part 1)" Ryan
"Who's the Guinea Pig Now? (Final HoH Part 2)" Adam
"Jury Statements (Final HoH Part 3)" Ryan
10 Houseguests First Impression Votes Jerry
"Majority Rules" Jessie
"Alien Abduction" Keesha
"Livin' on the Edge" April
"Rude Awakening" Michelle
"Diary Room Confession" Renny
"King of the Jungle" Dan
"Big Brother Headlines" Keesha
"Days Go Bye" Jerry
"Freeze Frame" Dan
"On A Wing and A Prayer (Final HoH Part 1)" Dan
"BB Knockout (Final HoH Part 2)" Memphis
"Jury Statements (Final HoH Part 3)" Dan
11 "The Wedgie" Jessie (Won by The Athletes)
"Most Likely Too…" Ronnie
"Buzzworthy" Jessie
"Graduation" Russell
"Say What" Chima
"Hit the Road" Michele
"HoH Invitational Golf Tournament" Jordan
"Can Do" Jeff
"The S'More the Merrier" Kevin
"Fact or Fiction" Natalie
"Log Jam (Final HoH Part 1)" Kevin
"Heads Will Roll (Final HoH Part 2)" Jordan
"Jury Statements (Final HoH Part 3)" Jordan
12 "Hot Dog! We Have a Weiner" Hayden
"Majority Rules" Rachel
"Hang Ten" Matt
"BB Knockouts" Rachel
"True Colors" Matt
"Oh What A Tangled Web" Brendon
"Big Brother Says" Britney
"Delivering the Goods" Hayden
"Big Brother Blackjack" Lane
"Big Brother Christmas" Hayden
"Rumble in the Big Brother Jungle"
(Final HoH Part 1)"
"It's Alive (Final HoH Part 2)" Lane
"Jury Statements (Final HoH Part 3)" Hayden
13 "Going Banana's" Rachel
"Big Brother Open" Jordan
"Big Brother Online" Rachel
"Big Brother Slalom" Daniele
"Check Mate" Kalia
"Count on America" Daniele
"All Washed Up" Jeff
"Before or After" Kalia
"Snake Eyes" Porsche
"Rollin' in the Dough" Rachel
"Big Brother Fortune Teller" Adam
"Big Brother Mixer (Final HoH Part 1)" Rachel
"Underwater Maze (Final HoH Part 2)" Porsche
"Jury Statements (Final HoH Part 3)" Rachel
14 "Teddy Bear Madness" Willie (Chosen by Britney)
"Big Brother Break-In" Frank
"On Thin Ice" Shane
"Walk The Plank" Danielle
"Big Brother Battle of the Bands" Frank
"Swamped" Shane
"Before or After" Ian
"Pull Some Strings" Frank
"Soak Up the Sun" Ian
"Make Your Case" Dan
"Memory Lane" Ian
"Photographic Memory" Danielle
"Hook, Line and Sinker (Final HoH Part 1)" Dan
"Climb Time (Final HoH Part 2)" Ian
"Jury Statements (Final HoH Part 3)" Ian
15 "Popsicle Factory" McCrae
"Big Brother BBQ" Aaryn
"Overnight Delivery" Helen
"Big Brother Royalty" Judd
"Roulette Me Win" Aaryn
"Bull in a China Shop" GinaMarie
"Summer School" Aaryn
"Cherry on Top" Andy
"Way Off Broadway" Aaryn
"Off the Wall" Elissa
"Big Hopportunity" GinaMarie
"Go Fetch!" McCrae
"Pixel This!" Spencer
"Before or After" Andy
"The Greatest Skate" (Final HoH Part 1) GinaMarie
"Under the Sea" (Final HoH Part 2) Andy
"Tip the Scale" (Final HoH Part 3) Andy
16 "Go Fly a Kite" Frankie
"Over the Coals" Caleb
"BB Rager" Amber
"Underwater Polo" Derrick
"Deviled Eggs" Cody
"Country Hits" Frankie
"Getting Loopy" Nicole
"Mathcathalon" Caleb
"BB Tourn-eye-ment" Nicole
"Dead of Household" Derrick
"Punching for Days" Cody
"Sloppy the Snowman" Caleb
"What The Bleep?" Derrick
"Seed-Saw" Frankie
"Seed-Saw: Rewind" Caleb
"Foggy Memory" Derrick
"Fly High or Bye Bye (Final HoH Part 1)" Cody
"Ancient BBgypt (Final HoH Part 2)" Derrick
"Scales Of Just Us (Final HoH Part 3)" Cody
17 "Flying Tomatoes" James
"UFOh No" Jason
"Ginger Fever" Becky
"Gronk Pong" Austin
"Bustin' Moves" Liz
"Pop Till You Drop" Jackie
"On the Edge" James
"Midway Mayhem" Becky
"Getting Loopy" Steve
"Mixed Emojis" Liz
"Ready, Set, Woah!" Austin
"Dizzyland" Vanessa
"BB Road Trip" Liz
"Starting Lineup" Steve
"Under the Rainbow" Vanessa
"What The Bleep?" Steve
"How Bout Them Apples" (Final HoH Part 1) Vanessa
"Colossal Crossword" (Final HoH Part 2) Steve
"Scales Of Just Us" (Final HoH Part 3) Steve
18 "Hit The Road" Part 3 Nicole
"Berry Balanced" Paulie
"Kiss My Ace" Bridgette
"Euro Trippin'" Paulie
"Watch Your Dubstep" James
"Perfect Shot" Paul
"Harsh Hashtags" Victor
"Statcathlon" Corey
"Hollywood Squirrels" Victor
"Black Box" Natalie (Co-HoH)
"America's Care Package" Michelle (Co-HoH)
"Welcome to Loch Mess" Nicole
"Poached Eggs" Victor
"BB Slide in Theatre" Corey
"What The Bleep?" Paul
"Hang In There Kitty" (Final HoH Part 1) Paul
"Snapshot" (Final HoH Part 2) Nicole
"Scales Of Just Us" (Final HoH Part 3) Paul
19 "Hangs in the Balance" Cody
"Sugar Shot" Paul
"Space Cadets" Alex
"What's The Hold Up" Jessica
"Inked & Evicted" Paul
"Gravestone Golf" Josh
"Hocus Focus" Alex
"Let It Slide" Jason
"Tales From Decrypt" Christmas
"Everyone's A Wiener" Jason
"Ready, Set, Woah!" Christmas
"Fake News" Alex
"The Revengers" Josh
"What The Bleep?" Paul
"Tail of the Unicorn" (Final HoH Part 1) Paul
"Knock 'Em Down" (Final HoH Part 2) Josh
"Scales Of Just Us" (Final HoH Part 3) Josh
20 "Microchip Mayhem" Tyler
"Land a Job" Kaitlyn
"Product Launch" Scottie
"Out On A Limb" Sam
"Information Highway" Bayleigh
"GIF That Keeps On Giving" Angela
"#HashtagTooLong!" Haleigh
"Glow & Flow" Faysal
"Sweet Shot" Angela
"Pie in the Sky" Tyler
"Shell or Highwater" Kaycee
"Buffering" Tyler
"BB Flix & Chill" Angela
"What The Bleep?" JC
"Jetpack Attack" (Final HoH Part 1) Tyler
"Mount Evictus" (Final HoH Part 2) Kaycee
"Jury Oddcasts" (Final HoH Part 3) Kaycee
21 "Color Wars" Christie
"BB Fireworks Quiztacular" Jack
"Power Shot" Nick
"Patch Perfect" Cliff
"Pose In Ivy" Holly
"Camp Expo" Jessica
"Time Me A River" Tommy
"Aug-Toberfest" Jackson
"Prank Shot" Holly
"Hold On Fright" Jackson
"On Thin Ice" Nicole
"BB Flix & Chill" Jackson
"Crash and Turn" Nicole
"Raiders of the BB Relics" (Final HoH Part 1) Jackson
"Foggy Memory" (Final HoH Part 2) Holly
"The Jury Is Out" (Final HoH Part 3) Jackson
22 "Star Steppin'" Cody
"Big Brother Watch Party" Memphis
"Mug Shots" Tyler
"Carnival Quick Shot" Enzo
"Filter Face-Off" Christmas
"Power Trip" Dani
"Hydrant Hustle" Memphis
"Going for the Green" Cody
"It's All About Will" Memphis
"It's All About You" Tyler
"Namaste Off the Block" Cody
"Stashing Pumpkins" Nicole F
"Knight Moves" Enzo
"BB Scary Go Round" (Final HoH Part 1) Nicole F
"Camera Hogs" (Final HoH Part 2) Cody
"Vinyl Exam" (Final HoH Part 3) Cody
23 "House of Cards" Frenchie
"Pool Sharks" Kyland
"Tom Talks BB" Xavier
"Pier Pressure" Christian
"Whale of a Time" Derek X
"Name That Croon" Kyland
"Dash to Dinner" Sarah Beth
"BB NFT's" Tiffany
"Coin of Destiny" Toss Claire (Secret)
"The Flying BB-inos" Tiffany
"Crash, Boom, Pow" Hannah
"The Cluckster" Kyland
"BB Ballers" Azah
"BB: Crime Lab" Xavier
"Bouncy Boat Bash" (Final HoH Part 1) Xavier
"Four of a Kind" (Final HoH Part 2) Azah
"Houseguest Headliners" (Final HoH Part 3) Xavier
24 "Drumming for Power" Daniel
"The BB Pie Fest" Jasmine
"Get Lit" Turner
"The Invitation" Monte
"Mind Your Step" Michael
"Conspiracy Fest" Taylor
"Do You See The VIP?" Michael
"Carni-Small" Turner
"Burning Bot" Michael
"Laser Focus" Turner
"Horror Fest Lockdown" Monte
"Fashion Fest" Taylor
"Wiener-Palooza" (Final HoH Part 1) Turner
"Festival Lineup" (Final HoH Part 2) Monte
"Jury Fest" (Final HoH Part 3) Monte
25 "Crash Course in Comics" Reilly
"Escape The Nether Region" Hisam
"Snot A Winner" Felicia
"Revenge of the Pressure Cooker" Cameron
"BB Odd Couples" Jared
"Name That Toot" Cameron
"Attack of the 50 Foot Meatball" Jared
"Soul Mates" Cory
"We Come in Pieces" Cameron
"Humili-Gram" Bowie Jane
"BB Comics" Jag (Secret)
"Johnny Mac: Demented Dentist" Jag
"Triple Feature" Bowie Jane
"Superhero Smackdown" Matt
"Chenbot Volume #1" Bowie Jane
"When Universes Collide" (Final HoH Part 1) Matt
"Multiverse Mix-Up" (Final HoH Part 2) Jag
"Jury Verse" (Final HoH Part 3) Jag
26 "AI Chip Install" Quinn (Deepfake)
"New Rule" Angela

Big Brother: Over The Top[]

Season Competition Winner
OTT "BB Bug" Monte
"Live By The Sword" Alex
"BB Bar Code" Scott
"Perfect ShOTT" Kryssie
"One Strike, You're Out" Danielle
"Big Brother Over the Top Freshman Class" Shelby (Co-HoH)
"America's Care Package" Jason (Co-HoH)
"Big Brother Shopping Network" Danielle
"It's Time to Reflect" Shelby
"Keep You Posted" Morgan
"Uphill Battle" (Final HoH Sole Part) Jason

Celebrity (US)[]

Season Competition Winner
CBB1 "Award Squeezin'" Shannon
"Award Squeezin'" Recast Keshia
"Celebrity Bowlerina" Ross
"Get Your Putt In Gear" Ariadna
"Courtside Seats" Omarosa
"Red Carpet Ride" Mark
"BB Auction" Omarosa
"Rocky Mountain Fly" Ross
"Hash It Out" (Final HoH Sole Part) Marissa
CBB2 "Blockbusters" Ryan
"Rock Til You Drop" Kato
"Slaughter House" Tom
"Picture Imperfect" Tamar
"Celebrity Tumblin' Dice" Tom
"Living Art" Lolo
"Bats: The Musical" Ricky
"Celebrity Lookalike Junior" (Final HoH Sole Part) Ricky
CBB3 "BB Winter Gala" Miesha
"Rotten Potatoes" Chris Ki
"Ski Strip" Miesha
"Angry Glam Squad" Carson
"Celebrity Endorsements" Todd
"Spot the Fake" Todrick
"BB Flix Film Festival" Miesha
"Shout Outs" (Final HoH Sole Part) Miesha

Big Brother: Reindeer Games[]

This season, the competition was called the "Jingle Bell Brawl", but the powers remained the same. They could be won individually, in pairs, or in teams.

Season Competition Winner
RG "Letters to Santa" Frankie
"Tippy Trees" Britney, Danielle, Josh & Taylor
"Injured-Bread Man" Nicole
"Pack Your Sleigh" Frankie & Taylor
"Missing Ingredient" Taylor
"Musical Quiz" Frankie

Canadian Seasons[]

Main Series (Canada)[]

Season Competition Winner
1 "The Phone" Suzette
"Lumber Jack and Jill" Jillian
"Popular Vote" Tom
"Remember That" Gary
"Face Off" Andrew
"The Great Urban Adventure" Alec
"Before or After" Topaz
"Diary Room Confessionals" Andrew
"Iceberg Alley" Jillian
"Plead Your Case" Emmett
"Fly the Coop" Jillian
"Brick by Brick" Emmett
"What the Dunk" Jillian
"No Blood on My Hands" (Final HoH Part 1) Emmett
"Big Brother Big Top" (Final HoH Part 2) Gary
"Strategies Quiz" (Final HoH Part 3) Gary
2 "Ice Breaker" Paul
"Fresh From the Farm" Andrew
"Big Brother Tabloids" Ika
"Hang In There for HoH" Rachelle
Canada's HoH Canada
"Blindside" Heather
"We're Counting on This" Neda
"How We Roll" Jon
"Pure 21" Neda
"The Eyes Have It" Adel
"On the Ropes" Jon
"Before or After" Sabrina
"Big Brother Bailout" (Final HoH Part 1) Jon
"Walk the Plank" (Final HoH Part 2) Neda
"Jury Statements" (Final HoH Part 3) Jon
3 No Competition All Houseguests
"Wall to Wall" Bobby
"Story Time" Kevin
"Switching Gears" Brittnee
"Through the Wringer" Bruno
"Before or After" Zach
"Student Film Fest" Pilar
"Ratetribution" Kevin
"Talk of the Block" Brittnee
"Pick Your Poison" Ashleigh
"100 Minutes of Hell" Sarah
"Web of Flies" Brittnee
"The Voice of Housebots Past" Sarah
"The End of Time" (Final HoH Part 1) Godfrey
"The Final Front-Gear" (Final HoH Part 2) Ashleigh
"Jury Questions" (Final HoH Part 3) Godfrey
4 "One Night Stand" Loveita
"Big Brother Roast" Jared
"Big Brother Breakaway" Loveita
"Locked Lips" Joel
"Heads Up" Maddy
"Blast From the Past" Tim
"Trading Fates" Raul
"Before or After" Maddy
"Big Brother Roulette" Nick & Phil
"Rock and a Hard Place" Cassandra
"Bowled Over" Nick & Phil
"Previously on Big Brother Canada" Kelsey
"Earn Your Slot" Nick & Phil
"Tip of the Iceberg" (Final HoH Part 1) Nick & Phil
"Holy Craps" (Final HoH Part 2) Kelsey
"Jury Questions" (Final HoH Part 3) Kelsey
5 "Dropped In Space" Karen
"Balls to the Wall" Demetres
"And Scene" Neda
"Heavy Rotation" (Backwards Week) Demetres
"Oh Snap" William
"Before or After" Sindy
"Buzzkilled" Dillon
"Get Moving" Demetres
"Pressed for Power" Kevin
"Big Brother Headlines" Demetres
"Drunk Speeches" Kevin
"Solve For X" Demetres
"Jungle Fever" (Final HoH Part 1) Demetres
"When Stars Align" (Final HoH Part 2) Kevin
"Jury Questions" (Final HoH Part 3) Kevin
6 "Feel The Burn" Johnny
"Right in the Kisser" Ryan
"Handle with Care" Hamza
"Night in the BBCAN Museum" Erica
"One Two Three" Olivia
"About Last Night" Erica
"Buttoned Up" Kaela
"Before or After" Derek
"Slippery Slope" Johnny
"Name That Speech" Derek
"Previously on Big Brother Canada" Kaela
"Legends of the Fallen" Paras
"Bribe the Beast" (Final HoH Part 1) Paras
"Reach for the Stairs" (Final HoH Part 2) Kaela
"Jury Questions" (Final HoH Part 3) Paras
7 "Operation: Escape" Adam
"Go Fore It" Dane
"Truth and Spies" Chelsea
"Buzzkilled 2.0" Dane
"Before or After" Adam
"I Spy" Samantha
"Pipe Dream" Cory
"Drunk Speeches" Mark
"Ship Til You Drop" Adam
"Right on Cue" Dane
"We Need an Answer" Kyra
"Name That Mission" Dane
"Crystal Waters" (Final HoH Part 1) Dane
"Security Breach" (Final HoH Part 2) Kyra
"Jury Questions" (Final HoH Part 3) Dane
8 "Basket-wall" Chris
"Slippery When Wet" Sheldon
"Snooze, You Lose" Sheldon
9 "Arch Rivals" Austin
"Dream to the Max" Victoria
"Seniors Disc-count" Kiefer
"The Invisible Head of Household" Victoria (Secret)
"BB Calendar" Beth
"Before or After" Kiefer
"Ball Pit Blitz" Jedson
"The History of BBCAN9" Tera
"Say What Now?" Tychon
"All In to Win" Breydon
"Buzzer Beater" Tychon
"Hoverboard Lane" (Final HoH Part 1) Breydon
"Light Em Up" (Final HoH Part 2) Tychon
"Jury Questions" (Final HoH Part 3) Tychon
10 "Doors of Destiny" Hermon
"Surfs Up" Marty
"Tough Sledding" Kyle
"Shopper's Showcase" Gino
"Legends of the Doors" Jess
"Red Light, Green Light" Marty
"Buzzkilled 3.0"
"Before or After"
"Mount HOH" Marty
"The Challenge Time Machine" Josh
"Shred That Letter" Betty
"Scrambled Days" Josh
"Epic Journey" (Final HoH Part 1) Kevin
"Wall of Trivia" (Final HoH Part 2) Josh
"The Jury is Wild" (Final HoH Part 3) Josh
11 "On Hedge" Santina
"Step Right Up" Dan
"Croquet All Day" Kuzie
"The Inheritance" Santina (Secret)
"Get A Grip" Ty
"Circle K Trivia Showdown" Kuzie
"Pick Your Poison" Claudia
"Before or After" Renee
"BB Crime Scene" Claudia
"Take It or Lever" Anika
"Dazed and Confused" Ty
"Ariel's Secret Underwater Grotto" (Final HoH Part 1) Claudia
"Hands of Time" (Final HoH Part 2) Ty
"Jury Questions" (Final HoH Part 3) Claudia
12 "The Art of Betrayal" Anthony
"Spitting Venom" Victoria
"Steal the Spotlight" Vivek
"No Business Like Quiz Business" Elijah
"What's Shakin'" Avery
"The Movie Night Massacre" Victoria
"Back to the Drawing Board" Avery
"BBCAN Fitness Factory" Tola
"Race to the Sum" Victoria
"Nepo Babies" Anthony
"Before or After" Bayleigh
"Inside Out" (Final HoH Part 1) Anthony
"Cave of Secrets" (Final HoH Part 2) Bayleigh
"Jury Questions" (Final HoH Part 3) Anthony

Celebrity (Quebec)[]

Season Competition Winner
CBBQ1 "The Wall" François
"Caged Eggs" Emmanuel
"Slippery Slope" Claude
"Stay or Fold" Emmanuel
"Water Rescue" Lysandre
"100 Minutes" Jean-Thomas
"What Did They Just Do?" François
"Break the Ice" Kim
"Microbrews" Camille
"What The Bleep?" Kim
"Knight Moves" Jean-Thomas
"Memory Pool" Kim
"Dumbbell and Go" (Final HoH Part 1) François
"Who Did What?" (Final HoH Part 2) Jean-Thomas
"Jury Statements" (Final HoH Part 3) Jean-Thomas
CBBQ2 "Drinks On Us" Michelle
"Right on Target" PL
"Memorable KO" Marc-Antoine
"On Slippery Ground" Lysanne
"House Questions" Claudia (Secret)
"Medicine Cube" Martin
"Needle in a Haystack" Stéphanie
"Desperate Celebrities" Claudia
"Disco Roll" Éléonore
"Free Fall" Martin
"100 Minutes of Paradise" Claudia
"Ship Til You Drop" Hugo
"Balanced Menu" Stéphanie
"Popcorn Run" (Final HoH Part 1) Hugo
"Swear Words" (Final HoH Part 2) Stéphanie
"Do You Know The Jury?" (Final HoH Part 3) Stéphanie
CBBQ3 "House Vote" Jemmy
"Reputation Questions" Natalie
"With A Confident Step" Korine
"Corner Painting" LeLouis
"Completely Celebrities" Liliane
"Face to Face" Zoé
"Recall the Order" Marianne (Secret)
"Tipping Point" Coco
"Exhibit" Jemmy
"Beaten Track" Korine
"Bon Appétit" Liliane
"In the Dark" Mona
"King of the Mountain" (Final HoH Part 1) Liliane
"Titles and Letters" (Final HoH Part 2) Mona
"Do You Know Your Opponent?" (Final HoH Part 3) Liliane
CBBQ4 "Where is the Colour?" Patrick
"It's Not a Piece of Cake" Barbada
"To Drink or to Bluff" Patrick
"Fresh Memory" Frédérique
"Invisible HOH" Ève (Secret)
"Pass the Ball" Charles
"Pass the Ball: Rewind" Charles
"Last Resort" Frédérique
"Family Delivery" Joëlle
"Hot in Front" Dave

Australian Seasons[]

Main Series (Australia)[]

Season Competition Winner
12 "Swinging in Motion" Talia
"Break the Ice" Garth
"Switching Gears" Sarah
"Get A Grip" Angela
"Water Torture" Angela
"Spooling Around" Ian
"Stacked Up" Sarah
"TBD" Zoe
"TBD" Marissa
"TBD" Mat
"TBD" Sophie
"Domino Effect" Daniel
"TBD" Chad
"TBD" Casey
"The Wall" Sophie
"TBD" Daniel
"TBD" Mat
"TBD" Chad
"TBD" Chad
13 "Reach For the Stars" Renata
"Wrecking Balls" Melissa
"Get a Grip" Jess
"Scrum Machine" Carlos
Charlotte H
Sarah Jane
"Seed-Saw" Melissa
"Hold Your Ground" Christina
"Weighted Bar" Tilly
"Walk the Plank" Tilly
"Vertigo" Katie
"Capture the Flag" Ari
"Locked Lips" Daniel
"Balloon Bash" Mitch
"A Bit Tipsy" Marley
"Face Off" Tilly
"I Hold On" Tilly
"Slip and Slide" Adriana
Charlotte M
"Standing in Hell" Christina
"Submerged" Ari
"Roll It Down" Marley
"Eliminator" Tilly
"House of Cards" Daniel
"Dizzyland" Sid
"Domino Effect" Adriana
"Beamed Up" Daniel
"Caged Eggs" Christina
"Spun Out" Christina
"Operation Balance Build" Ari
"The Last Stretch" Marley
14 "Hanging Discs" Joel
"Shower from Hell" Joel
"When It Rains, It Pours" Lara
"Tug of War Battle" Gabbie
"Hold the Frame" Joel
"Ball Drop" Estelle
"Back on Track" Taras
"Hold the Plank" Dave
"Hold Your Breath" Gabbie
"Going Steady" Jules
"Turning Tables" Brenton
"Ramping Up" Brenton
"Steer Clear" Jaycee
"Ball and Chain" Taras
"High Hopes" Gabbie
"You Raise Me Up" Gabbie
"Rocky Road" Aleisha
"Round the Clock" Taras
"Power Tower" Taras
"Watering Holes" Taras
"Puzzled" Taras
"Hanging By A Thread" Taras
15 "TBA" Luke
"TBA" Graciemae

Celebrity (Australia)[]

Season Competition Winner
VIP2 "Scrum Machine" Caitlyn
"Linked Up" Ellie
"Money Grab" Bernard
"The Juggler" Josh
"Big Brother Confidential" Jessika
"Tipping Point" Imogen
"Red Carpet Ride" Luke
"Walk of Fame" Ellie
"Ticket to the Finals" Josh