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Liofer Pinatacan is the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Connect.

Liofer was known for his kindness, resourcefulness, and relationships with all the housemates. Although not the eldest, Liofer stood up as a "big brother" to his housemates by taking good care of them and cooking food for the house.

Liofer started Connect by being under the radar during the first half of the season. It worked for his advantage to survive longer in the house as he avoided facing the public for eviction. During Weeks 9 and 10, he almost found himself nominated twice, but he was saved and vetoed in both instances. Despite his under-the-radar beginning, Liofer gradually emerged as a diligent, determined, and competitive individual during the latter half of the season. The housemates also observed his growth inside the house, eventually ranking him as the most deserving to win during the rank-based nomination night on Week 11.

During the Big Jump Week of Week 13, he solidified himself as a threat in the game. With his strategic and resourceful ways, Liofer was able to grab the third Big Four slot during the Big Four Challenges. Despite Big Brother unleashing his Big Four challenger twist, he remained in his Big Four spot, defending it against Amanda Zamora. During the season's The Grilling, he showed courage and truthfulness when he faced evicted housemates and his loved ones by answering their intriguing questions and responded to criticisms about him on social media.

As the Big Night finale arrived, Liofer's votes went head-to-head on having save and evict votes against Andrea Abaya's for the Big Winner title, despite him having a considerably smaller fan base in the game. Nonetheless, the Filipino public were convinced that he embodied the qualities of a Big Winner.

Ultimately, after garnering 20.90% of the combined save-evict votes, Liofer was hailed as Pinoy Big Brother: Connect's Big Winner.


Liofer Pinatacan Biography

Day 6- Meet Liofer Pinatacan - Dong Diskarte ng Zamboanga Del Sur - PBB Connect


Liofer Pinatacan's Slambook

Player History - Pinoy Big Brother: Connect[]

Task History[]

Week 1 Reward Task Not in House
Weekly Task Passed
Secret Task Ineligible
Secret Task Ineligible
Secret Task Ineligible
Secret Task Ineligible
Secret Task Ineligible
Week 2 Weekly Task Failed
Secret Task Ineligible
Week 3 Weekly Task Passed
Reward Task Passed
Week 4 Weekly Task Passed
Week 5 Weekly Task Failed
Week 6 Weekly Task Failed
Week 7 Weekly Task Passed
Week 8 Weekly Task Passed
Reward Task Passed
Week 9 Weekly Task Failed
Week 10 Weekly Task Passed
Week 11 Punishment Task Failed
Weekly Task Failed
Week 12 Weekly Task Failed
Week 13 Weekly Task Failed

Competition History[]

Week 2 HOH Loss
Week 4 HOH Loss
Immunity Win
Week 5 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 6 HOH Win
Week 7 HOH Loss
Supercharged HOH Ineligible
Supercharged HOH Ineligible
Week 8 Immunity Loss
Week 9 Ligtask Loss
Week 10 Safety Loss
Safety Loss
Safety Win
Week 11 Ligtask Loss
Week 13 Karapatdapat Challenge Loss
Karapatdapat Challenge Loss
Karapatdapat Challenge Win
Karapatdapat Challenge Ineligible
Week 14 Big 4 Challengers Ineligible
Big 4 Challengers Win

Nomination History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Not in House
2 No Nominations
3 2-Mika Pajares
1-Jie-Ann Armero
2-Ella Cayabyab
1-Mika Pajares

3 points
4 2-Crismar Menchavez
1-Alyssa Exala
1-Andrea Abaya
1 point
5 2-Mika Pajares
1-Crismar Menchavez
6 2-Aizyl Tandugon
1-Alyssa Exala
7 Ineligible
8 2-Ella Cayabyab
1-Amanda Zamora
9 No Nominations Vetoed
10 No Nominations Saved
11 2-Ella Cayabyab
1-Quincy Villanueva
12 8-Ella Cayabyab
7-Amanda Zamora
6-Kobie Brown
5-Andrea Abaya
4-Liofer Pinatacan
3-Ralph Malibunas
2-Chico Alicaya
1-Jie-Ann Armero
4-Liofer Pinatacan
2-Chico Alicaya
2-Ralph Malibunas
1-Amanda Zamora
1-Andrea Abaya
1-Ella Cayabyab
1-Jie-Ann Armero
1-Kobie Brown

13 points (Rank 1)
13 No Nominations Big Four Finalist
14 No Nominations Big Four Finalist
Big Night Finale Winner

Viewer Voting History[]

Week Position Save Evict Total
3 Ineligible
4 Ineligible
5 Immune Ineligible
6 Co-HOH Ineligible
7 Ineligible
8 Ineligible
9 Vetoed
10 Saved
11 Ineligible
12 Ineligible
13 Big Four Finalist Ineligible
14 Big Four Finalist No Viewer Voting
Winner 33.39% -12.49% 20.90%


  • Liofer is the last-minute replacement during the final casting round after a supposed housemate from Lucena, Quezon did not pass the mandatory medical tests.
  • Upon winning Pinoy Big Brother: Connect, Liofer becomes the first Big Winner in Pinoy Big Brother history who has never been nominated and faced the public for eviction throughout the season.
  • Liofer shares the same birthday with Art Guma of Pinoy Big Brother: Otso (Batch 1 Teen Housemate).
  • Liofer is the last housemate in Connect to celebrate birthday inside the house. He received a birthday celebration just four days before winning as the season's Big Winner.
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