Ligtask Challenge is a major safety competition in Pinoy Big Brother. Throughout the years, the Ligtask had served four purposes, an immunity competition, a nomination competition, a veto competition and an eviction competition.

The Name

Ligtask Challenge is a portmanteau of the Filipino word Ligtas which means safety or safe in English and the word task.


Originally called as the Ligtask Games, it was first introduced in Pinoy Big Brother 2 as an immunity competition where in all housemates including the nominees compete every week for a chance to get an immunity for the next week's nominations. The winner will be spared from the upcoming nomination. If ever the winner was a nominee of the current week, the immunity power will take effect on the following week, but if he/she got evicted that week, the immunity power will be passed on to the runner up of the Ligtask Games.

The competition made a short return in Pinoy Big Brother: All In as part of various nomination challenges twist, where it was called InstaSave giving a housemate a chance to remove himself/herself from the week's Set of Nominees.

It fully returned as a veto competition in Pinoy Big Brother: 737 now called as Ligtask Challenge wherein nominated housemates will compete every week and who ever wins will be removed from the nominations list and be spared from the upcoming eviction. However, if two housemates tied in the challenge, none will be spared.

In Pinoy Big Brother 7, the Ligtask Competition was brought back for two purposes, it served as an Eviction Competition and a Veto Competition. But it was mostly used as an Eviction Competition throughout the series. Instead of a public vote, the Ligtask Competition will determine who will be evicted until the housemates are down to 7. Nominated Housemates must compete against each other in order to save themselves from getting evicted. Who ever performed poorly will be evicted.

When the Lucky 7 housemates are formed, it will only be the time when the public vote would come into play for eviction, with the Ligtask returning back to its original role as a veto competition among the nominees.

The Ligtask Challenge was brought back in Pinoy Big Brother 8 in the form of "Big Celebr8ty Challenge" where various celebrities would participate in the challenges as distractions on the housemates' focus and presence of mind. And for the first time after 11 years, the Ligtask is once again used as an Immunity Competition. Every week, the housemates would compete in pairs and the winning pair would receive immunity from the upcoming nominations.

Season Appearances

1 CE1 TE1 2 CE2 TE2 DU TC UN TE4 AI 737 7 8
as Immunity
as Nomination
as Veto
as Eviction

List of Ligtask Challenges

Pinoy Big Brother: 737

Pinoy Big Brother: 737 - Ligtask Veto Winners
Chapter Week Ligtask Winner
Teens Week 2 Point Shooter Kamille Filoteo
Week 3 (cancelled)
Week 4 Piggy Bank Kamille Filoteo
Week 5 Tramp-o-letters Kyle Secades
Week 6 Flip-a-Portrait Kenzo Gutierrez
Week 7 Diving Quiz Game Kenzo Gutierrez
Adults Week 9 Basketbalance Margo Midwinter
Week 10 Balloons in the Air Krizia Lusuegro
Week 11 Pool of Frogs Charlhone Petro
Week 12 Don't Ring the Bell None
Week 15 Prism Shooter Richard Juan

Pinoy Big Brother 7

Pre-Lucky Seven (as Eviction Competition)

Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7 - Ligtask Evictees
Chapter Week Ligtask Evicted
Celebrity Week 2 (cancelled)
Teen Week 7 Gate Maze Aizan Perez
Week 8 Rubiks' Cube Tower Rita Gaviola
Week 9 Find the Pairs Fenech Veloso
Week 10 Ligtask Cancelled Heaven Peralejo
Week 11 Blindfold Bring Me Kristine Hammond
Adult Week 20 Obstacle Rescuers Thuy Nguyen
Week 22 Rubiks' Patterns Ali Forbes
Jesi Corcuera

Post-Lucky 7 (as Veto Competition)

Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7 - Ligtask Veto Winners
Chapter Week Ligtask Winner
Teen Week 13 Crown Balance Relay Christian Morones
Week 14 Balls in the Box Edward Barber
Maymay Entrata
Christian Morones
Adult Week 23 Rolling Balls Aura Azarcon
Dream Team Week 28 Pyramid on a Wood Tanner Mata
Week 30 Pop it Tanner Mata
Week 32 Ligtas Pares Challenge Cora Waddell Tanner Mata
Maymay Entrata Edward Barber
Elisse Joson Nikko Natividad & McCoy DeLeon

Pinoy Big Brother 8

Pinoy Big Brother: OTSO - Big Celebr8ty Challenge Winners
Chapter Week Ligtask Immunity Winner
Batch 1: Teens Week 1 88 Seconds Dance Painting Seth Fedelin
Karina Bautista
Week 2 Hatak Attack! Aljon Mendoza
Angelie Reposposa
Week 3 Gr8 to Imperson8 Jillian Pilones
Angelie Reposposa
Week 4 Jungle Bells Ali Abinal
Rhys Eugenio
Seth Fedelin
Angelie Reposposa

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