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Libra Deandrea Thompson was a houseguest on Big Brother 10 (US).

In Week 1, she banded with April Dowling and Keesha Smith, forming The Coven alliance, which played a huge part in the first three evictions of the season. In Week 4, April won Head of Household and nominated Memphis Garrett and Jessie Godderz for eviction, with Memphis as her target. However, after a huge fight happened between Libra, Keesha and Jessie, Libra and Keesha betrayed April and convinced Renny to vote out Jessie with them. Dan, who was temporary America's player for that week, was also told by America to vote out Jessie, which ended up evicting Jessie by a 4-3 vote, and ending The Coven alliance for good. Despite never winning a competition, she was the runner up in more than half of the competitions she played in. She won the Week 4 Power of Veto, but traded it for Michelle's Hawaiian Vacation, a decision which came back to bite her, when Michelle won Head of Household in Week 5 and bitterly nominated her and her main ally, Keesha, for taking her vacation and evicting her showmance, Jessie. Being more explosive and the bigger threat, despite April and Ollie campaigning to save her, they couldn't get the votes, and she was evicted unanimously.


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Libra is a staunch Obama supporter living in the heart of Bush country. She attended Rice University where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Economics. Because of her strong personality, Libra has always stood out in the group at predominantly white schools. She has been married for seven years and has three children: a 4-year old girl and recently gave birth to a medical rarity... 4-month old twins, one black and one white. Her husband is comfortable staying at home with the kids and will be rooting Libra on all the way.

She has a relationship with her mother but doesn't know her father and has only met him one time that she can remember. She considers politics very important and has voted in every election for which she was eligible. She played volleyball in the NCAA Division and loved being a college athlete. She loves to shop, enjoys running, likes to gossip and hang out with family and friends.

Libra describes herself as intuitive and spunky and is most proud of her children. Oprah Winfrey is her hero because she has surpassed all the odds to become a top figure in television where she has influence on the American culture. The men she is attracted to include Jude Law, Rob Lowe, Matthew McConaughey and Nick from Big Brother 8. She'd love to become a singer but doesn't believe it will ever happen.

Her birth date is August 6, 1976.[1]

Player History - Big Brother 10 (US)[]

Competition History[]

Week 1 HOH Not Chosen
Food Loss
POV Not Picked
Week 2 HOH Loss
Food Loss
POV Loss
Week 3 HOH Loss
Food Win
POV Loss
Week 4 HOH Loss
POV Loss
Week 5 HOH Loss
Food Win
POV Loss
Week 6 Evicted
Week 7
Week 8
Week 9 Luxury Not Chosen

Voting History[]

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Brian Hart Yes
2 Steven Daigle Yes
3 Angie Swindell Yes
4 Jessie Godderz Yes
5 Nominated
Finale Jury Member Dan Gheesling Yes

Post Big Brother[]


  • Despite never winning an Head of Household or Power of Veto, Libra placed 2nd in many competitions. She technically won the Week 4 POV but decided to take Michelle's Hawaiian Vacation instead of the Power of Veto.
  • Libra is the only female juror on Big Brother 10 (US) to not win an Head of Household competition.


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