Laura Velasco is a contestant in Gran Hermano 18 (Spain).


Name: Laura Velasco
Age: 25 years
Born: November 28, 1993 Hometown: Sevilla. Mairena resides in the Alcor (Seville)
Profession: Pharmacy Technician
Laura lives with her partner and their dogs. Ambitious and a perfectionist, he confesses to loving the challenges. He has a cheerful and hardworking personality, one of its virtues is to listen and give good advice but also recognizes that costs forgive. His hobbies are technologies, and can spend hours browsing pages jewelery, fashion and paranormal topics, as fascinated by the esoteric world but then terrify him. He also loves to read about health, diseases and treatments. Not friend discotheques in their spare time, she prefers going out to dinner or drinks with friends. Entering the house is for Laura a great personal challenge, a way to grow as a person and a chance to meet new insights.[1]

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