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Laura Coriakula was a housemate on Big Brother Australia 12.


Laura Coriakula Biography

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Fierce, fabulous and unique, Laura is pumped to bring her “good vibez” to Big Brother.
Born and raised in Melbourne with a Fijian and Australian background, Laura dropped out of school at 17 to pursue dancing and has never looked back. After training in NYC and LA, this #bossbitch is now living her dream as a professional dance teacher, choreographer and performer; as well as running her own youth outreach programs.
Living communally with a large family means Laura is well equipped for the Big Brother house. Observant and intuitive, she’ll quickly sort the good homies from the bad. True to herself and mentally agile, Laura is not one to back down in an argument. “It’s my way or the highway” she says and isn’t afraid to play tough to get an advantage.
When it comes to the other Housemates, Laura hates stupid people who talk a lot of BS and won’t stand for anyone with a fake attitude. She will only let you in if you are genuine and real with her.
If she were to win Big Brother, Laura would use the prize money to invest in her community and help support her village in Fiji. [2]

Player History - Big Brother Australia 12

Competition/Task History

Week 1 Secret Mission Ineligible
Nomination Challenge Loss

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Nominated Kieran Davidson No

Post Big Brother



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