Krista Stegall was a houseguest on Big Brother 2 (US).

She was known for her relationship with Mike "Boogie" Malin. She was nominated alongside Mike in Week 4 but survived eviction. In Week 6, she was nominated by HOH Nicole Nilson Schaffrich and was ultimately evicted in a unanimous 3-0 vote. She finished in 6th place and was the sixth member of the jury. On finale night she got engaged to Mike. However, the couple was no longer together when Malin re-appeared on Big Brother All-Stars.


Krista Stegall was a 28-year-old bartender from Louisiana.

Player History - Big Brother 2

Competition History

Week 1 Food Win
Reward Loss
HOH Loss
Luxury Win
Luxury Win
Week 2 HOH Win
Food Sat Out as HOH
Luxury Sat Out as HOH
Week 3 HOH Previous HOH
Food Win
Luxury Loss
Week 4 HOH Loss
Food Win
Luxury Loss
Week 5 HOH Loss
Food Win
Luxury Win
Week 6 HOH Loss
Food Win
Luxury Loss

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Sheryl Braxton Yes
3 Shannon Dragoo Yes
4 Nominated
5 Kent Blackwelder Yes
6 Nominated
Finale Jury Member Will Kirby Yes

HOH History

Nominees Intended Target
Week 2
Square-Autumn Daly

Post Big Brother


  • Krista is the first houseguest from Louisiana.
  • Krista is the first woman to be the Head of Household.
  • She is the first HOH to successfully have her target evicted.


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