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Kirsten Danielle "Kisses" Delavin is the runner-up of Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7.

Kisses first became a housemate during the season's Teen Edition, the second part of the four-part season. She was dubbed as the Miracle Daughter of Masbate because out of her mother's eight pregnancies, she was the only one who didn't die of premature birth.

Kisses was best known for her innocent, sweet, and feminine personality. A girly girl, she became notable for having a quirk of putting on makeup whenever she's bored, nervous, or tense. She was also known for her affectionate yet sensitive and delicate character, brought by her sheltered upbringing as an only child from a wealthy family. She loved treating her housemates as her siblings and often expressed her care through hugs and kisses. Despite being sheltered, Kisses gradually improved her social and life skills in the house, eventually forming a tightly-bonded friendship with Maymay Entrata, who became her best friend and her most trusted housemate inside Big Brother's house. Despite having an affectionate and friendly personality, she often found herself overthinking why her fellow housemate Heaven Peralejo kept avoiding her. Due to their distant relationship, a subtle rivalry emerged between them, and eventually, between their fanbases. As a typical teenager, Kisses also got caught in the matters of the heart inside the Big Brother house. She developed an infatuation with Marco Gallo, but she found it hard to express and confess her feelings for him due to her low self-esteem. With Big Brother's advice, Kisses coped up and gained the courage to confess. However, when she finally did, she ended up heartbroken as Marco was hesitant to reciprocate it while admitting his admiration for fellow housemate Vivoree Esclito.

Despite her friendly nature, Kisses still found herself constantly nominated by fellow housemates for eviction. Surprisingly, she unleashed her competitive self on every eviction challenge to save herself, thus keeping her in the house throughout her batch. She also gained a large fanbase, helping her to become a finalist in her batch. She eventually secured a spot in the season's Lucky Suns after the public voted for her.

On Week 19, after 103 days of living inside the house, Kisses and her fellow teen finalists left the house to give way for the third part of the season, the Civilian Edition. She eventually returned on Week 26 with fellow teen finalists for the season's final phase, the Dream Team, representing the Teen Edition via Lucky Suns. During Dream Team, she managed to form friendships with other housemates, especially from other teams. She developed friendships with Adult Housemates such as Tanner Mata and Cora Waddell, with the latter she treated as an older sister. She also gained friendships with Celebrities Nonong Ballinan and Jinri Park. She also got nominated less in Dream Team than in Teen Batch. Despite being less nominated, she didn't escape hardships during her time in Dream Team as her friendship with Maymay Entrata got tested after their relationship gradually slipped due to entering with new groups of housemates. Their respective fanbases' rivalry also affected their relationship after returning for the Dream Team part. Fortunately, they still managed to make up with each other and keep their friendship intact throughout the season

At the end of the four-part Season, Kisses managed to reach the Dream Team's Lucky 7 finalists, letting her advance to the Big Night finale.

At the end of the week, the Lucky 7 finalists departed the house on their way to attend the two-evening Big Night live finale. The first evening of the Big Night, March 4, 2017, saw the Teens conquering the season's Big Four slots after all of them advanced to the second evening and defeating the Celebrity and Adult finalists. On the evening of March 5, 2017, Kisses found herself sitting in the final two with her best friend, Maymay. With 31.27% of the public votes, Kisses was named as the 2nd Big Placer while her best friend, Maymay Entrata, was hailed as the season's Big Winner.


The Miracle Daughter of Masbate

Kirsten is a 17-year old beauty pageant winner from Masbate, having recently won the Miss Kaogma 2016 beauty pageant. Her mother had eight pregnancies and they all died of premature birth, except for Kisses, who was also stricken with a disease when she was younger, but is now well.

Teen housemate Kirsten “Kisses” Delavin described her life as a colorful one. Although born in Quezon City, Kisses grew up in Masbate. She moved to Metro Manila to study.

“My life has been a colorful life. I am a first year college student at De La Salle University. I am studying Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and just recently, because we had vacation, I ventured out so I joined two beauty pageants simultaneously,” she said, adding that she won in both contests in the province.

She considers these as her greatest achievements as not only was she the youngest contender but she said, she went out of her comfort zone. “I went straight out of my comfort zone and I think that’s what makes it a great achievement, because I went straight out to my fear of losing, my fear of failing,” Kisses revealed.

“It’s so liberating because I felt like I can achieve things and it’s good,” she said, adding that now that she is a housemate, she looks forward to what she can do.

Describing herself in one word, Kisses said that she’s blessed. As for why she joined PBB, she said, “I want to know where I still can go and where my dreams can still take me.”

According to her, the only PBB season she watched was the first teen edition where Kim Chiu was declared the Big Winner. Hence, when asked if there is a former housemate she wants to imitate the style, it would be Kim, “I love Kim Chiu. Yeah. If I ever have one but I don’t think…”

When asked why she should be the Big Winner, Kisses answered, “We were chosen out of so many people here in the Philippines so I think each of us has the chance to be the Big Winner so I think we will see how it goes because whoever really deserves that title, God will give it to him or her.”

Does she have a strategy inside the house?

“My strategy is I will enjoy every second because it will happen only once in my life and I surely won’t want to miss any of it.”

According to Kisses, who believes in the saying, “When life gives you lemons, you make a lemonade,” her special talent is to walk and sprint on seven-inch heels.

However, Kisses admitted that she does not cook. She said, “I don’t do household chores. That is my weakness but I am looking forward to learning.”

For Kisses, love is limitless, family is life, youth is colorful and God is love. [1]

Player History - Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky 7[]

Teen History[]

Task History[]

Week 5 Lucky 7 Part 1 Win
Week 6 Lucky 7 Part 2 Win
Week 7 Lucky 7 Part 3 Loss
Week 8 Lucky 7 Part 4 Win
Week 9 Lucky 7 Part 5 Win
Week 10 Weekly Task Loss
Week 11 Weekly Task Win
Week 12 Weekly Task Win
Week 13 Weekly Task Loss
Week 14 Lucky 7 Part 6 Win
Week 15 Lucky 7 Part 7 Win

Competition History[]

Week 5 No Competitions
Week 6 No Competitions
Week 7 Eviction (via Ligtask) Win
Padaluck Win
Week 8 Eviction (via Ligtask) Ineligible
Padaluck Ineligible
Week 9 Eviction (via Ligtask) Win
Padaluck Win
Week 10 No Competitions
Week 11 Eviction (via Ligtask) Cancelled
Padaluck Cancelled
Week 12 Eviction (via Ligtask) Ineligible
Padaluck Ineligible
Week 13 No Competitions
Week 14 Ligtask Loss
Week 15 Ligtask Loss
Week 16 Big Jump Part 1 Loss
Week 17 No Competitions
Week 18 Big Jump Part 2 Loss
Week 19 Big Jump Part 3 Ineligible

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
7 2-Christian Morones
1-Heaven Peralejo
2-Edward Barber
1-Heaven Peralejo
2 points
8 2-Heaven Peralejo
1-Rita Gaviola
2-Heaven Peralejo
9 2-Heaven Peralejo
1-Christian Morones
1-Edward Barber
1-Heaven Peralejo
2 points
10 2-Heaven Peralejo
1-Christian Morones
2-Edward Barber
1-Heaven Peralejo
1-Kristine Hammond
4 points
11 No Nominations
12 2-Kristine Hammond
1-Vivoree Esclito
13 No Nominations
14 2-Vivoree Esclito
1-Christian Morones
2-Vivoree Esclito
1-Marco Gallo
3 points
15 Nomination Competition
Ranking Nominations
14 points
16 No Nominations
All Housemates Nominated
17 No Nominations
All Housemates Nominated
18 No Nominations
All Housemates Nominated
On To Dream Team
19 No Nominations
All Housemates Nominated
On To Dream Team

Dream Team History[]

Task History[]

Week 27 Weekly Task Win
Weekly Task Win
Week 28 Weekly Task Loss
Week 29 No Tasks
Week 30 Weekly Task Win
Week 31 No Tasks
Week 32 DTC - Part 1 Win
DTC - Part 2 Loss
Week 33 DTC - Part 3 Win
DTC - Part 4 Win
DTC - Part 5 Win
Week 34 No Tasks

Competition History[]

Week 27 Lucky Spot - Celebrities Ineligible
Lucky Spot - Teen Assisted
Lucky Spot - Adults Assisted
Week 28 Ligtask Ineligible
Week 29 No Competitions
Week 30 Ligtask Ineligible
Dream House - Part 1 Loss
Dream House - Part 2 Assisted
Dream House - Part 3 Ineligible
Padaluck Loss
Week 31 Ligtask Loss
Padaluck Loss
Week 32 No Competitions
Week 33 No Competitions
Week 34 No Competitions

Nominations' History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
29 2-Jerome Alecre
1-Tanner Mata
30 2-Nikko Natividad & McCoy DeLeon
1-Jerome Alecre
31 Nomination Competition
Ligtask Pair Competition
32 2-Tanner Mata
1-Cora Waddell
34 +2-Maymay Entrata
+1-Tanner Mata
+1-Nikko Natividad & McCoy DeLeon 1+ point
Finale Runner-Up

Post Big Brother[]

  • Even though she didn't win, Kisses gained instant fame from the massive amount of supporters that she gained throughout the series. She with her fellow Big Four; Maymay, Edward and Yong have appeared on numerous TV shows together in ABS-CBN, such as late night talk shows like Gandang Gabi Vice and Tonight with Boy Abunda, game shows like Minute to Win It and Family Feud, variety shows like It's Showtime and ASAP and the morning talk show Magandang Buhay.
  • Kisses appeared on front page cover of the Inside Showbiz Weekly magazine on the April 8-14, 2017 issue.
  • Kisses and her fellow Big Four finalists also sang ABS-CBN's Summer Station ID entitled "Ikaw ang Sunshine Ko" together with some other teen celebrities which was first released as a lyric video in YouTube on April 6, 2017.
  • On May 1, 2017, Kisses had celebrated her Debut Ball which was called KissesTurns18, held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Makati City. The grandiose ball was attended by her family, her Big Brother housemates as well as numerous celebrities attended the party such as the teen celebrity, Donny Pangilinan who was her escort throughout the night and was the 17th man to dance with her on the 18 Roses, the 18th was her father. Her fellow housemate and a YouTuber, Cora Waddell created a vlog on the birthday party for her channel.

Kirsten Danielle Delavin - MASBATE

Kisses in her Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Introduction Video.

  • Kisses received the Fan Favorite for Best Dressed Award together with her escort Marco Gallo on the Star Magic Ball 2017 alongside Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach who received the same award earlier. Along with Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber, it was their first time to attend the highly anticipated annual ball of Star Magic which is ABS-CBN's own talent agency, where various celebrities gather and attend the event.[2]
  • In May 2019, Kisses returned to De La Salle University for her studies, but this time, taking the course, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.
  • In late 2019, Kisses left ABS-CBN's talent agency Star Magic and transferred to Triple A Management.
  • In mid-2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kisses temporarily moved back to Masbate to focus on her studies, taking a break from the entertainment industry, until the vaccines have rolled out.
  • On July 19, 2021, Kisses was revealed as an official delegate for the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 pageant representing her home province, Masbate, where she finished as a Top 10 semifinalist. Beatrice Gomez of Cebu City won the said pageant.


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