Kevin Koho is the runner-up of Big Brother Finland 10.


Kevin Koho Biography

Retrieved and Translated from Big Brother Suomi
Near the heart of Kevin's house pit is art and human rights work. Kevin works as a salesman, and in the future he would like to study social work. Kevin is the second-oldest of the seven siblings and now lives with five roommates, so moving to the BB cabin will not be a problem. It is important for Kevin to actively break down gender roles and a strict male / female breakdown, which is why he dresses naturally in everyday life. dresses and spectacular earrings.
Age: 20
Professional: Seller
Marital status: Single
Domicile: Helsinki[1]

Player's History - Big Brother Finland 10

Task History

Week 1 Weekly Task Failed
Week 2 Weekly Task Passed
Week 3 Weekly Task Passed
Week 4 Weekly Task Passed
Week 5 Weekly Task Failed
Week 6 Weekly Task Passed
Week 7 Weekly Task Failed
Week 8 Weekly Task Passed
Week 9 Weekly Task Failed
Week 10 Weekly Task Passed

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 2-Tuula Rantala
1-Kristian Heiskari
2 2-Ville Turkkinen
1-Jukka Laine
3 2-Ville Turkkinen
1-Kristian Heiskari
1-Kristian Heiskari
1 point
4 2-Ville Turkkinen
1-Kristian Heiskari
5 No Nominations Nominated
6 2-Ville Turkkinen
1-Kristian Heiskari
Week Position Voted for With Majority?
6 Jukka Laine No
Week Nominated Nominated by Final Position
7 2-Ville Turkkinen
1-Kristian Heiskari
1-Anu Puumalainen
1-Kristian Heiskari

2 points
8 No Nominations
9 2-Ville Turkkinen
2-Kristian Heiskari
2-Kristian Heiskari
1-Helmeri Pirinen

3 points
10 No Nominations Runner-Up



  1. Kevin. Big Brother Suomi (1 September 2019). Retrieved on 1 September 2019.
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