William Kent Blackwelder was a houseguest on Big Brother 2 (US).

During his season, Kent was known for his strong friendship with openly gay houseguest Bunky Miller in spite of his conservative views, including at one point allowing Bunky to sleep in the Head of Household bed with him. He was evicted in Week 5 in a unanimous 4-0 vote.


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Occupation: Mortgage Broker
Motto: Make my family proud and be good to others
Hero: Ronald Reagan
Favorite Food: Steak
Least Favorite Food: Pork
Favorite TV Show: A&E Biography
Favorite Movie: The Green Mile
Least Favorite Movie: Runaway Bride
Favorite Band/Singer: Eddie Money
Least Favorite Band/Singer: P. Diddy
Favorite Magazine: Time, Sports Illustrated, Golf
Favorite Sport: Golf, football
Favorite Color: Blue
Least Favorite Color: Green[1]

Player History - Big Brother 2

Competition History

Week 1 Food Win
Reward Win
HOH Loss
Luxury Win
Luxury Win
Week 2 HOH Loss
Food Win
Luxury Loss
Week 3 HOH Loss
Food Win
Luxury Loss
Week 4 HOH Win
Food Sat Out as HOH
Luxury Win
Week 5 HOH Previous HOH
Food Win
Luxury Loss

Voting History

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Sheryl Braxton Yes
2 Nominated
3 Shannon Dragoo Yes
5 Nominated
Finale Jury Member Will Kirby Yes

HOH History

Nominees Intended Target
Week 4
Square-Mike "Boogie" Malin

Post Big Brother

  • On December 24, 2017, Kent passed away at the age of 62 due to a heart attack.[2]


  • Kent is the first houseguest from Tennessee.
  • Kent was the oldest houseguest on Big Brother 2.
  • Kent is the first male houseguest to be nominated for eviction by a Head of Household.
  • Kent is the first houseguest to win HOH after he survived the block.
  • Kent is the first person ever to be evicted the week after they were HOH.
  • He is the first male houseguest to be evicted unanimously.
  • Kent is the first United States contestant to pass away after competing.
  • Kent is the first pawn to survive the block.


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