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Keith Henderson was a houseguest on Big Brother 13 (US).

His duo partner was Porsche Briggs. During Week 1, he was targeted for being viewed as the strongest of the Newbies. He wanted to break up the Veterans but unfortunately for him, Rachel Reilly won Head of Household and decided to target him when she and the rest of the Veterans found out his scheming. The whole house floated to the Veterans' side, which resulted to Keith's eviction by a vote of 6-4. He finished in 13th place.


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Name: Keith Henderson
Age: 32
Hometown: Bolingbrook, Ill.
Occupation: Human Resources Manager
Three adjectives that describe you: Charming, adorable and kiss-ass
Favorite activities: Working out, hanging out with my friends, dancing, writing poetry, going to church and doing anything spontaneous.
What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the BIG BROTHER house? Nothing - I deal with human capital (people) on a regular basis.
Strategy for winning BIG BROTHER: I'm going to use my HR charm to get people to trust and love me and then I will stab them if I need to.  I'll have the women swooning over me and the guys wanting to be on my team.  It's the perfect strategy. Which past BIG BROTHER cast member did you like most or least? I loved BB2 Chill Town, first-ever alliance.
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of? There are too many to mention, but I would say "Genuine Ken" (on Hulu) and being a successful HR professional.
Finish this sentence: My life's motto is... Professional Keith would say: You can't believe in a dream if you can't believe in yourself.  Playboy Keith would say: Work all day, grind all night!
What would you take into the house and why? My toothbrush, because my smile is key, and a Bible to keep me grounded.
What would you do if BIG BROTHER made you famous? Share the cash prize with my family and hope that it would open doors for me to do more acting.[1]

Player History - Big Brother 13 (US)[]

Competition History[]

Week 1 HOH Loss
Have/Have-Not Have
Co-POV Loss

Have/Have-Not History[]

Week 1 Have

Voting History[]

Week Position Voted for With Majority?
1 Nominated

Post Big Brother[]


  • Prior to appearing on Big Brother, Keith appeared on a dating show called Genuine Ken.[2]
  • Keith is the third houseguest, and first male, to be the first evicted from a season, but not be the first houseguest to leave due to Dick Donato walking from the game. He was preceded by Sheryl Braxton and Amanda Craig, and would be followed by Pooch Pucciarelli and Kirsten Elwin.


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