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Francisco Maria Pereira, who is more commonly known by stage name Kasha, is the winner of Big Brother Famosos 4 (Portugal).


Kasha Pereira Biography

Retrieved and Translated from TVI
Age: 32 years old

Profession: singer

Francisco Maria Pereira, known as Kasha, is one of the members of the band DAMA. Officially formed in 2008, it is now made up of friends Miguel Coimbra and Miguel Cristovinho.

Kasha and Miguel Coimbra have known each other since they were six years old, having been colleagues at the school. In Portuguese classes they hinted at the future by starting to write compositions in verse. Today, Kasha continues to be the band member who writes the most for the melodies.

He studied Management, but the band's success made him drop everything to devote himself full time to music.

Kasha says she loves cooking and has a restaurant/bar with friends.

As far as Big Brother Famosos is concerned, he has the highest expectations. He says that this edition will be epic. In relation to himself, he highlights his good awakening as an asset and points out laziness and disorganization as his main obstacles.[1]

Player's History - Big Brother Famosos 4[]

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Catarina Siqueira
Jorge Guerreiro
Jaciara Dias
Marta Gil
2 Marta Gil
Bruno de Carvalho
Jaciara Dias
Bruno de Carvalho
3 Nuno Homem de Sá
Marta Gil
Catarina Siqueira
4 Bruno de Carvalho
Liliana Almeida
Jorge Guerreiro
5 Bruno de Carvalho
Jorge Guerreiro
Liliana Almeida
Jorge Guerreiro Nominated
6 Bruno de Carvalho
Catarina Siqueira
Bruno de Carvalho
Catarina Siqueira
Jorge Guerreiro
Liliana Almeida
7 Mário Jardel Marta Gil Nominated
8 No Nominations Winner


  • While he was in the house, Kasha competed as a 2-in-1 competitor with Miguel Cristovinho on the third season of A Máscara, the Portugese version of The Masked Singer as "Cisnes".[2] They made it to the finale where they finished in 3rd place.


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