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Karolina Wnęk is a housemate on Big Brother Poland 6.


Retrieved and Translated from TVN
• Age: 21 years
• Town: Lipnica Wielka
Karolina has four sisters and three brothers with whom she is very strongly connected. Having many siblings taught her independence, resourcefulness and confidence in expressing her opinions. She is always smiling and she keeps her feet on the ground. She works at a family transport company. She was raised in a traditional way, in accordance with the principles of faith. Highlander blood is flowing through her veins. She is a born leader, so both at work and in private life, people call her "manager!". [1]

Player's History - Big Brother Poland 6

Task History

Week 2 Weekly Task Passed
Week 3 Weekly Task Passed

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Exempt
Bartłomiej Boruc
Natalia Wróbel
Kasia Olek
2 Łukasz Darłak
Izabela Mączka
Kasia Olek
Klaudia Marchewka
Łukasz Darłak
3 Łukasz Darłak
Klaudia Marchewka
Bartłomiej Boruc
Izabela Mączka
Justyna Żak
Kasia Olek
Klaudia Marchewka
Magda Wójcik


  1. Wnęk Karolina (in polish) (17 March 2019).


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