Karolina Włodarska was a "lost housemate" on Big Brother Poland 7. After being announced as the first housemate of the season during the end of the sixth season, Karolina seemed all set to enter the game. However, at the premiere of the show, she was not one of the eighteen housemates listed to be participate in the game. A day after the start, Karolina posted on her Instagram that her father had passed away, and that she needed to spend time with family.


Karolina Włodarska Biography

Retrieved and Translated from TVN
Karolina Włodarska
• Warsaw
• 27 years
• Model
Karolina is a happy married woman. For now, she does not have children, but with great commitment brings up two cats and a dog. Her life is constant travel and professional instability, which means she can not decide to enlarge her family. However, this is planned because the home and relatives are the most important for her. She comes from a family where everyone is loud, loud, with expressive characters. However, in crisis moments, everyone can count on one another and jump into the fire! Karolina is sociable, open and tolerant. She is duped, aggression and lack of opinion. He is most afraid of diseases and situations that he can not influence. She loves animals, takes care of them and always defends them. Her best friend is Adrian's husband. They form a successful relationship, full of smile and passion. Karolina has a positive attitude towards the world. Each day treats like a new challenge. He is not afraid of grading and gossiping. She knows and trusts herself. The opinions of others, especially the unjust ones, always treat with a pinch of salt.[1]


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Karolina W
Withdrew Pre-Season
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