Julio Ruz is a housemate on Gran Hermano Dúo.


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Business Profession
Age 36 years
He has a daughter with María Jesús Ruiz
Julio Ruz is an entrepreneur we met because of his relationship with María Jesús Ruiz, whom he defended during his time with 'SV' and with whom he broke up after the reality show. During that time he met Carolina Sobe, with whom he forged a great friendship that reached more, although for a short time. With such a scenario, Julio enters "GH DUO" and he does not do it alone, he will compete forming a trio with María Jesús and Carolina! [1]

Player's History - Gran Hermano Dúo 1 (Spain)

Nominations History- Gran Hermano Dúo 1 (Spain)

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 3-Fede Rebecchi, Raquel Lozano, & Ylenia Padilla
1-Fortu Sánchez & Yoli Sáez
3-Fortu Sánchez & Yoli Sáez
1-Fede Rebecchi, Raquel Lozano, & Ylenia Padilla
1-Irene Rosales & Kiko Rivera

5 points
2 3-Juan Miguel Martínez & Yurena Seisdedos
1-Antonio Tejado & Candela Acevedo
1-Antonio Tejado & Candela Acevedo
1-Juan Miguel Martínez & Yurena Seisdedos

2 points
3 3-Antonio Tejado & Candela Acevedo
1-Juan Miguel Martínez
3-Antonio Tejado & Candela Acevedo
3-Juan Miguel Martínez

6 points
4 3-Alejandro Albalá & Sofía Suescun
1-Antonio Tejado & Juan Miguel Martínez
3-Alejandro Albalá & Sofía Suescun
3-Antonio Tejado & Juan Miguel Martínez
1-Raquel Lozano & Ylenia Padilla
7 points



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Runner Up
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