Josie Gibson is the winner of Big Brother 11 (UK) and later was a housemate on Ultimate Big Brother.

On Big Brother 11 (UK), Josie received only five nominations for eviction and never once faced the public vote. Plus, she entered into a relationship with fellow housemate John James Parton, which continued after the series' conclusion. Josie went on to win the series with 77.5% of the public vote.

Eighteen minutes after she left the Big Brother 11 (UK) house, Josie entered the Ultimate Big Brother house, which she would be competing on with memorable Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother (UK) housemates from across the show's history. However, after only two days inside the Ultimate Big Brother house, Josie left the house via the fire exit in the garden after deciding the experience was too overwhelming.

Player's History - Big Brother 11 (UK)

Task History

Nominations History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Dave Vaughan
Sunshine Martyn
2 Ben Duncan
Dave Vaughan
3 Dave Vaughan
Sunshine Martyn
4 Corin Forshaw
Nathan Dunn
5 Dave Vaughan
Ife Kuku
Mario Mugan
6 CG
Dave Vaughan
Mario Mugan
7 Ben Duncan
Mario Mugan
Steve Gill
8 Mario Mugan
Steve Gill
Mario Mugan
Steve Gill
9 Andrew Edmonds
JJ Bird
10 No Nominations Immune
11 No Nominations Winner

Player's History - Ultimate Big Brother

Task History

Nominations History

Day Nominated Nominated By Final Position
3 Walked

Post Big Brother

  • Josie participated in Channel 4's The Jump in early 2017.[1] She was eliminated first when she refused to participate in the elimination challenge.


  • She entered the Ultimate Big Brother house eighteen minutes after she left the Big Brother 11 (UK) house.
  • She is the fastest person to get first place in their first season, then get last place in a later season. (3 days).
  • Despite being in 2 seasons, Josie has never been up for eviction.
  • Whenever Josie received nominations, it came from Mario Mugan or Steve Gill.


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Aaron Allard-Morgan
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