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Joshua Garcia was a teen housemate in Pinoy Big Brother: All In.


Joshua Garcia Biography

Origin: Batangas
Age: 16
Occupation: Out-Of-School Youth
Hobbies: Dancing, Playing Basketball, Playing Guitar

Tatay's Boy of Batangas

Joshua lives with his dad, stepmom and three half brothers. He regards his father very highly because he sees how his dad is very hardworking. His stepmom treats him as her own and he has a good relationship with his half brothers. He is a member of Batangas’ cultural dance group, Sining Kumintang. He used to be a “Campus Crush”, but had to stop school on his 3rd year in high school due to financial instability. Apart from being a dancer, he also plays basketball and plays the guitar.

Player History - Pinoy Big Brother: All In[]

Task History[]

Week 1 Weekly Task Loss
Week 2 Weekly Task Win
Week 3 Weekly Task Win
Week 4 Weekly Task Win
Week 5 Weekly Task Loss
Week 6 Weekly Task Loss
Week 7 Weekly Task Loss
Week 8 Weekly Task Loss
Week 9 Weekly Task Loss
Week 10 Weekly Task Win
Week 11 Weekly Task Loss
Week 12 Weekly Task Loss
Week 13 Weekly Task Win
Week 14 Weekly Task Win
Week 15 Weekly Task Win

Competition History[]

Week 6 Insta-Save Win
Week 7 All Out - Part 1 Loss
All Out - Part 2 Loss
Week 8 All Out - Part 3 Loss
Week 9 Insta-Save Loss
Week 10 All In 10 - Part 1 Win
All In 10 - Part 2 Win
All In 10 - Part 3 Loss
All In 10 - Part 4 Win
Week 12 Super Challenges Win
Week 14 Save-a-Friend Ligtask Loss
Week 15 Fake Eviction Competition Win
Insta-Save Ineligible
Week 16 Do You Know? Win

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2-3 2-Chevin Cecilio
1-Ranty Portento
2-Nichole Baranda
4 2-Jacob Benedicto
1-Fourth Pagotan
1-Manolo Pedrosa
5 2-Jacob Benedicto
1-Vickie Rushton
6 2-Aina Solano
1-Ranty Portento
2-Loisa Andalio
1-Nichole Baranda
1-Jayme Jalandoni
1-Vickie Rushton
1-Aina Solano
7 Nomination Competition
All Out Competition
9 2-Nichole Baranda
1-Loisa Andalio
2-Daniel Matsunaga
2-Fourth Pagotan
1-Maris Racal
10 Nomination Competition
All in 10 Competition
12 Nomination Competition
Super Challenges
14 Loisa Andalio Nominated
15 2-Manolo Pedrosa
1-Daniel Matsunaga
2-Daniel Matsunaga
2-Maris Racal
Daniel Matsunaga
Fake Eviction Competition
No Nominations
16 Nomination Competition
Do You Know?

Post Big Brother[]

  • Joshua Garcia starred in the primetime drama The Killer Bride, as Elias E. Sanchez between 2019 and 2020, Viral Scandal as Kyle Constantino between 2021 and 2022 and Darna as Brian Robles.


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