Josh Worsley is a teen housemate in the first chapter of Pinoy Big Brother 8.

Josh was among the second set of potential male housemates introduced. Josh became the fourth official male housemate after he received the highest amount of viewer votes against the remaining potential male housemates.

Being the youngest, Josh tend to show his childish side which eventually affected the practice and performance of their weekly task, especially the relationship to his task teammate Kaori Oinuma. Aside from that, he managed to form friendships with all of the original official housemates housemates, especially with Art Guma who hails from the same province and speaks the same language as him.

On the first ever nomination and eviction night of the season, Josh was nominated after receiving 11 points. He also received the least amount of votes at 18.63%, making him the first ever evictee of the five-part season.


Josh Worsley Biography
PBB OTSO Josh Worsley - Little Prince of Davao

PBB OTSO Josh Worsley - Little Prince of Davao

Josh is a 13 year-old from the Province of Davao. He lives in Samal Island as an eldest child to his British father and a Filipino mother. He grew up in a happy and comfortable life as he grew up doing adventures with his dad while shopping with his mom. With the life he already has, he's still very determined to make his parents proud of him as a teen housemate.

Player History - Pinoy Big Brother 8

Part 1: Teen History

Housemate Selection History

via Challenge #1 Ineligible
via Challenge #2 Loss
via Big Winners' Choice Not Selected
via Public Vote Selected

Task History

Week 1 Weekly Task Loss

Competition History

Week 1 Immunity Loss

Nomination History

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 2-Kaori Oinuma
1-Lie Reposposa
2-Aljon Mendoza
2-Lie Reposposa
2-Kaori Oinuma
2-Seth Fedelin
1-Art Guma
1-Jelay Pilones
1-Karina Bautista
11 points

Post Big Brother

  • After getting evicted, Josh gets to have an "8 Days Vlog" series to be uploaded in Pinoy Big Brother's social media pages to show the happenings in his life within the first week of being evicted from the house.


  • Josh is among the youngest teen housemates for this season. He entered at age 13.
  • Josh is the youngest housemate to get evicted first in the history of Pinoy Big Brother.
  • Josh is the first ever housemate to be born in 2005, the same year that the very first season of Pinoy Big Brother began airing.
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