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Jordan Sangha is the winner of Big Brother 20 (UK).

Jordan was best known for his stoic and nonchalant expressions and his eccentricity. Labeling himself as a "posh" man who doesn't like living with people, he developed an unlikely friendship and romance with a fellow housemate Henry Southan. While known for his outward nonchalance, he frequently poured his inner emotions and thoughts during his intimate chats with Henry and in the privacy of the Diary Room with Big Brother. Yet, Jordan gradually bonded with his fellow housemates and, thus, avoided being nominated until Week 5, the season's penultimate week.

After 42 days in the house, Jordan reached the Finale and eventually ended up in the final two against Olivia Young. In the end, Jordan emerged as the season's winner, receiving 37.8% of the total public votes in the season finale.


Jordan Sangha Biography

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What made you apply to be a Big Brother housemate?

Well, I love the show. I was quite disillusioned with life so I suppose boredom made me apply to some extent. I honestly applied on a whim. I'm interested in the social experiments side of Big Brother. I don't really like the idea of living with people but I thought I might as well give it a try. And I wanted to challenge myself.

What part of the experience are you most looking forward to?

Being fed and watered, not having to pay bills and having that decked out house in which to live.

How would your friends and family describe you?

Flippant, sarcastic. They always say to me that they never know if I’m joking or not, so I suppose I could be difficult to read to some extent.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself...

I adore floral shirts, as viewers will see.

What are you most likely to get nominated for?

Being cantankerous and acting as if I don't want to be there even if I do in my heart. They might nominate me for being disengaged perhaps or not paying everyone an equal amount of attention. They may feel left out but I can't help that.

What would you do with the prize money if you won?

Probably rent in Kensington for a month or two, and have a shopping spree in Harrods.

Who would be your dream celebrity to live with?

It’s got to be Kim Woodburn, absolutely. And Dorinda Medley from The Real Housewives of New York City. It would be a terrifying combination but fabulous television.[1]

Player's History - Big Brother 20 (UK)[]

Task/Competition History[]

Week 1 Secret Mission Ineligible
Luxury Loss
Shopping Task Passed
Week 2 Secret Mission Ineligible
Shopping Task Failed
Daily Task Passed
Week 3 Shopping Task Failed
Luxury Win
Luxury Loss
Week 4 Daily Task Passed
Shopping Task Passed
Secret Mission Ineligible
Luxury Ineligible
Secret Mission Ineligible
Week 5 Safety Loss
Luxury Loss
Shopping Task Passed
Daily Task Passed
Luxury Loss
Luxury Loss
Week 6 Daily Task Passed
Secret Mission Ineligible
Daily Task Ineligible
Luxury Loss

Shopping Budget History[]

Week 1 Luxury Budget
Week 2 Economy Budget
Week 3 Economy Budget
Week 4 Luxury Budget
Week 5 Luxury Budget
Week 6 Shopping Budget Phase Over

Nominations History[]

Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
1 Paul Blackburn
2 Paul Blackburn
Noky Simbani
Noky Simbani
Paul Blackburn
Tom Bryant
3 Hallie Clarke
Jenkin Edwards
4 Ineligible
Jenkin Edwards
Noky Simbani
5 Chanelle Bowen
Olivia Young
Jenkin Edwards
Matty Simpson
6 Jenkin Edwards
Olivia Young
Jenkin Edwards
Olivia Young
Tom Bryant
No Nominations Nominated
No Nominations Winner

Post Big Brother[]



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