Jordan Aumaitre is a housemate on Secret Story France 11.


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28 years old - Vieux Condé (59)

What you need to know about it ....

Jordan is a tip in train, federator it is the friend on whom one likes to rest.

A real Swiss knife, he was first a woodcutter and then a driver and for three years it was as a bus driver that he earned his living.

He does not hesitate to help and makes himself available to the young people of the city in which he grew up.

Jordan is an unwavering support for his loved ones. True pillar for his mother and his brothers, he is the one who can be counted on any occasion.

Jordan is a former top cyclist.

Always leaving to amuse his surroundings, he likes to make jokes and trap his loved ones.

Separated recently from his love of youth with whom he remained nearly nine years. He enthusiastically embraces his new life as a bachelor.[1]

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