Joel "Joey" Heindle is the runner-up of Promi Big Brother 7.


Joey Heindle Biography

"I'm such a battle guy, it has almost become an addiction to know my limits ..."
The "DSDS" star and jungle king will become residents of "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2019.
Name: Joey Heindle
Age: 26 years
Date of birth: May 14, 1993
Place of birth: Munich
Star sign Taurus
Gender Male
Joey Heindle was born on May 14, 1993 in Munich. As he tells himself, he experienced a bad childhood . His father is said to have bullied the family. During this time , Joey found refuge in music . He taught himself how to play the guitar. When Joey was 15 years old, his mother fled with him in front of the violent father in a women's shelter.
First TV experience through "DSDS"
In 2011 it was time. Joey wanted to prove his musical talent to a large audience. The trained Beikoch gathered his courage and applied to the casting show "Deutschland sucht den Superstar". The then 18-year-old struggled with "DSDS" from round to round. In the end he finished fifth. In spite of his "DSDS" success, he did not succeed in pursuing his music career successfully.
The jungle king with heart
It became quiet around the singer, until Joey 2013 in the TV format "I'm a star - Get me out of here" emerged. In the "Jungle Camp" Joey conquered the hearts of the audience again thanks to his special way. This time he did not only reach the final, Joey was the winner and thus the jungle king. Joey 2018 was not that successful in "Global Gladiators" though. He secured the 3rd place.
Joey knows only too well what it means to fight through hard times. A lion tattoo graces his finger. It symbolizes for him his life motto: "Never give up!"
Joey before the bankrupt Joey also stuck to this motto when he was confronted with various legal disputes. Several managers demanded large sums of money from him. When it was over, Joey was broke. Even Joey's love life was like a rollercoaster ride so far. During his "jungle camp" participation, he was with his girlfriend Jacky. A year later came the love-off.
Joey and Justine - a love without a happy ending
Shortly afterwards, Joey met his girlfriend Justine Dippl. After four years, Joey Justine married. The wedding took place in 2017. But even that love should not be forever. In 2018 the marriage broke up, Joey and his wife announced their breakup. Now Joey hopes to have found in his new girlfriend Ramona Elsener finally the great love. Ramona is no stranger: The Swiss is a nine-time Eisztanz champion.
Emigration plans for girlfriend Ramona The two love to show their love publicly. On her Instagram accounts are not only couple photos, but also love expressions. For the new woman by his side Joey Heindle would even emigrate to Switzerland. But first he moves to "Celebrity Big Brother" in 2019.[1]

Player's History - Promi Big Brother 7

Duel Arena History

Day 3 Live Duel Win
Day 4 Live Duel Win
Day 5 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 6 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 7 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 8 Live Duel Loss
Day 9 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 10 Live Duel #1 Ineligible
Live Duel #2 Ineligible
Day 11 Live Duel Ineligible
Day 12 Live Duel Loss
Day 13 Live Duel Win
Day 14 Live Duel Win
Day 15 Live Duel Win
Day 16 Live Duel Win

Nomination History

Day Nominated Nominated By Final Position
10 Zlatko Trpkovski Almklausi Meier
Lilo von Kiesenwetter
11 Zlatko Trpkovski Ineligible
12 Chris Manazidis Chris Manazidis
13 Theresia Fischer Ineligible
Chris Manazidis
Lilo von Kiesenwetter
Chris Manazidis
Lilo von Kiesenwetter
Theresia Fischer
14 Lilo von Kiesenwetter Almklausi Meier
Lilo von Kiesenwetter
Sylvia Leifheit
Theresia Fischer
15 Lilo von Kiesenwetter Ineligible
16 Almklausi Meier
Theresia Fischer
17 No Nominations Runner-Up

Post Big Brother



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