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Alliance Profile
Big Brother 19 (US)
Members Cody Nickson
Jessica Graf
Dominique Cooper
Elena Davies
Mark Jansen
Ramses Soto
Votes Against 21
HoH Wins 2 (Weeks 1 & 4)
6 (Weeks 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7)
Veto Wins 1 (Week 4)
Lowest Placing Member Jessica Graf (12/17)
Highest Placing Member Cody Nickson (11/17)

Jody was an alliance and showmance on Big Brother 19 (US).


Cody Nickson
Jessica Graf


Dominique Cooper
Elena Davies
Mark Jansen
Ramses Soto



Jody was created during Week 1, as Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf quickly formed a close relationship.

A Disastrous HOH[]

After Cody won Head of Household him and Jessica joined The Team. Cody quickly grew wary of Paul Abrahamian and sought a way to take him out. Initially, Cody decided to stick with the alliance and target Megan Lowder and Alex Ow, after Megan walked. After Alex won the Power of Veto, Cody saw this as his chance to take the shot at Paul. After Alex vetoed herself, Cody nominated Paul, only for Paul to reveal he had the Pendant of Protection to keep himself safe. Needing to make a new nomination in just seconds, Cody nominated Christmas Abbott, one of Paul’s closest allies. This move blew up the alliance, and they turned him and Jessica, who stuck by his decision. Christmas ended up staying at the live eviction, as Jillian Parker was evicted instead.

House Targets[]

After Jillian’s eviction, the majority of the house threw the HOH competition to Paul, to allow him to get revenge on Cody. Paul ended up winning and planned to Backdoor Cody, to ensure he didn’t win his safety. His plan was successful as Cody was backdoored and evicted by a vote of 7-3-0.


After Cody’s eviction, Alex won HOH. Dominique Cooper’s sneaky gameplay and hints of her targeting Paul, led Alex to target her. Jessica was able to win the Den of Temptation, the halting hex, allowing her to cancel an eviction. Alex nominated Dominique and Jessica, because of Jessica’s affiliation with Cody and strong relationship with Dominique. Dominique continued to blow up her game and Jessica was able to survive a unanimous vote. After Cody won the Battle Back Competition, Jessica won HOH. Jessica sought to use this opportunity to gain back social capital, and decided to target Josh Martinez, due to his explosive personality. Jessica decided to nominate their ally Ramses Soto, in order to prevent more blood on her hands and because she believed that he would be safe. After Jessica won the POV, Ramses said his concerns to Jessica about staying on the block, Jessica consider using it to nominate Alex. However, Jessica decided against it, not wanting to look untrustworthy but changing her nominations. At the eviction, Cody and Jessica were blindsided when Ramses was evicted by a vote of 7-3, with only Elena Davies and Mark Jansen voting to keep Ramses along with Cody. Jessica quickly threatened the house with her power. After Paul won HOH, he decided to still nominate the showmance, in case it was all a bluff. After Cody and Jessica were left nominated alongside each other, Jessica used the halting hex to cancel the eviction.


After Josh won HOH, Cody and Jessica quickly came up with a plan to keep themselves safe. Cody would win the Temptation Competition in order to win immunity, and Jessica would lose it, in order to gain an automatic nomination to prevent a backdoor. Their plan was successful as Cody won and Jessica finished last. Josh still wanted to target Elena, as he viewed her as more shady than the showmance. Josh nominated Elena and Raven Walton. Paul was able to convince him to change his target to Jessica. After Jessica lost the POV, she was evicted by a vote of 7-1-0. After Jessica’s eviction, Cody failed to win (or lose) the HOH and Temptation competition, and was backdoored and evicted unanimously.

Post Big Brother[]

  • Cody Nickson & Jessica Graf competed on the 30th season of The Amazing Race. They ended up winning the season, becoming the first Big Brother contestants to win another CBS reality show.
  • The Jody team has started a family, they have two kids (Maverick) and (Carter York)


  • The week that either of them were HOH, the person evicted was always 2 votes away from a tie.
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