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Joanne Ashton was a housemate on Big Brother Australia 3.

Coming into Big Brother Australia 3 whilst in a 6-year relationship, Joanne's looks and intelligence quickly caught the attention of her housemates, finding herself the subject of flirtation from several male housemates, particularly Patrick Flanagan, Vincent Amato, and Saxon Small. Her general likeability and ability to flirt with her housemates allowed her to escape nomination until Week 7, where she began to develop a rivalry with Regina Bird over their shared interest in Saxon's friendship. Although Joanne was one of the more popular housemates of the series, the controversial nature of her flirtatious actions, combined with being up against the immensely popular Regina and Daniel McInnes for eviction, led to her being evicted with 86% of the public vote, the highest of any housemate in Big Brother Australia history.


Player History - Big Brother Australia 3[]

Nominations History[]

  • Joanne lived in the Round House until the two houses merged after Week 3.
Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
2 2-Leah White
1-Daniel McInnes
1-Regina Bird
1 point
2-Patrick Flanagan
1-Chrissie Swan
2-Patrick Flanagan
2 points to save
3 2-Leah White
1-Daniel McInnes
Week Position Voted for With Majority?
3 Jaime Cerda Yes
Week Nominated Nominated By Final Position
4 2-Leah White
1-Daniel McInnes
1-Leah White
1 point
5 2-Ben Archbold
1-Daniel McInnes
1-Regina Bird
1 point
6 2-Daniel McInnes
1-Claire Bellis
2-Regina Bird
2 points
7 2-Daniel McInnes
1-Regina Bird
2-Daniel McInnes
2-Regina Bird
4 points

Post Big Brother[]

  • Joanne was reportedly planned to appear as a house guest on Big Brother 4 (UK), although these plans were never eventuated.[1]


  • Joanne was evicted with the highest voting percentage in Big Brother Australia history, receiving 86% of the votes to evict.


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